Small Steps to Health and Wealth Program

This year, University of Delaware Cooperative Extension’s Small Steps to Health and Wealth Worksite Wellness program is offering businesses or community groups a chance to boost the health and wellbeing of their employees or group members at no cost for a limited time!  Small Steps to Health and Wealth is a worksite wellness program that is made up of 6 online modules that focus on easy, do-able strategies that employees/group members can use to identify and reach their health and financial-related goals.

Each module provides employees or group members with access to a fillable pdf, audio recording, and video. Employees/group members are encouraged to choose whatever resources work best for them and their schedule. The goal is for employees/group members to complete the corresponding worksheets that will best help them achieve their goal. Employees/group members will be able to receive a certificate for completing the program!

This program is flexible and employees/group members can complete the modules at their own pace, so there is no strict time limit for completing the modules. However, we recommend that the program is implemented for a period of 6-weeks with 1 module sent every week or 12-weeks with 1 module sent within 2 weeks.  You can find more information and a registration link in the brochure found here or directly access the registration link by clicking here. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Hope Vega at

Logo for small steps to health and wealth program