Agriculture Workers are Considered Essential; Templates for Permits

Laurie Wolinski, Extension Agent;

In response the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Carney’s Executive Order for Delaware on March 22nd, and Governor Hogan’s directive for Mayrland, issued on March 30th, directed non-essential businesses to close:

Agriculture falls into the category of essential businesses, and thus travel to and from farms is also considered essential. In effort to help protect the ag industry from the risk of labor shortage, a letter/template was developed for farm workers who work in Delaware and Maryland to carry in their vehicles. If there is any concern for farm workers who must commute to their job, this form letter may assist them in proving they are part of the essential workforce. The templates are available online at the links below, and they include placeholders for the farm/company to insert their letterhead, and also to fill in appropriate names.

Essential Employee Farm Worker Permit

Essential Employee Farm Contractor Permit

Wishing good health to all.