A major focus of our group is to help you get a fresh, clean, and easy to update web presence. Sometimes you CAN do this yourself, but just need a little encouragement and help architecting the job. Other times, you simply CANNOT do this and need someone to do it for you. We can help you in either case.

Our consulting services are built around an initial one-on-one consultation, where you outline the current direction for your web site. Whether this site already exists in some form or it is completely new, we can outline for you what tools we think would fit you best, and how your web site can be built and maintained.

Examples of our consulting services include:

  • Content Architecture – Review current content, recommendations for future direction
  • Personal Consultation – Troubleshooting existing site, advisement, assistance
  • Group Consultation – Advice on web authoring tools, assistance in web development/deployment strategies
  • Design and Development – Mediation between client and developer or designer.

See our Sample Project section below to learn more about the consulting services that we provide.

Contact us for more information.

Sample Project

Common Reader Design 2011

CommonReader (

About CommonReader

The CommonReader is year-long program that is centered around the First Year Experience for students at UD. This group has a particular function separate from it’s larger parent, but wanted to have some connectedness.

Project Details

The CommonReader group already had their content in a Drupal site and wanted to have a new look that matched the First Year Seminar site. With a Photoshop design created by UD’s Office of Communication & Marketing (OCM), we worked directly with an outside contractor to turn this design into a Drupal theme and set up the dynamic content displays. Now the CommonReader staff are able to update the pages on their own, and have a template for creating next year’s content.