Hosting Options

We have a number of web hosting options on campus for website development.  Each and every option has its benefits and limitations. We will be glad to set up a consultation with you to determine which option suits you best.  Please contact to request a consultation.

Web hosting options on campus include:

Below you will find a brief description of each of these services and how they might be used.

Content Management Systems (WordPress, Adobe Experience Manager)

UD Information Technologies manages a central installation of WordPress, hosted by  WordPress takes web publishing to the next level by separating the look and feel of the site from the content.  In addition, other features allow you to dynamically create and link content.  This means that users with very little web experience can now publish visually pleasing websites.  Of utmost importance is that users are now able to cut out the middle-man approach to web development and get the content published quickly and in a timely fashion.

To request more information, we invite you to contact IT or attend one of our training classes.

For more information about Adobe Experience manager, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM) office.


With the addition of Google Apps for Education to our campus portfolio, all faculty, staff, and students can build a Google Site with the click of a button!  The sites are easy to build and manage, and have the added benefit of limiting access to users found in the University of Delaware LDAP directory.

You can  learn more about building a Google Site on these pages or attend one of training classes.


UD Information Technologies centrally maintains a Sharepoint instance that can allow you to easily share sensitive documents and information among a select group of users on- and off-campus. For more information, visit our Sharepoint page.

Static Web Hosting (

This is generally referred to as static HTML and refers to the IT-managed server.  This server is a UNIX server running Apache.  Pages hosted on this server can run HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Scripting languages such as PHP, Java, Python, etc. or NOT available with this service. Other options may be available, but you are encouraged to contact IT for more information. There is a Directory Request Form for new directories.

Dreamweaver is a preferred software used for publishing HTML, CSS, and other code to the copland server, however, there are other ways to manage your site.  If you have further questions regarding methods for publishing to your web folder, please contact IT.


Still have questions?

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