Managing Content

Although we have listed Managing Content as the last step, this is the most important part of your site.  This is the tale that you will tell about your unit.  You should invest time into the words that are used in your site and how these words will be maintained.  With well-chosen and relevant content, you can entice the reader to remain or return frequently.


Some Tips

Important things to think about:

Keep it simple

Writing for the Web can be daunting because you can easily scare-off your reader before they invest any time in looking at your site.  Too many words or jargon-based content can make a reader feel overwhelmed.  Remember your audience and think about how you read while “surfing” for information.

Make your content accessible.

Learn more about Web accessibility and how you can make your content accessible when you add it to your site.

Work out an editing plan.

Once your site is launched, the job is not over!  Now you must maintain you site content.  The key to any good site is keeping the content fresh and relevant.  Put some time and thought about the content that you have written, how often it needs to be updated, and if you can distribute the responsibilities to others.  Review the edit permissions on your site and consider who will need to access to edit the content.