Content Review and Architecture

All web projects start with someone saying, “We need a new site!”

While it is tempting to just start building your Web site, you will benefit greatly by understanding your content, purpose and audience. Take some time to outline who you are and what you need to say. This will save you some time in the future!

We highly recommend that you review the content on your current site or brochures. This often helps to identify outdated content, gaps in information, and helps to give a perspective of what you are currently sharing with the world about your organization.

While reviewing your own content seems like an easy job, it is often easier to get an objective party to review this information. Just think about the phrase “you can’t see the forest for the trees”. It is easy to get caught up in the details and forget the true purpose of the task at hand. Set up a consultation with IT-CS&S, and we will help you remain objective about your web project.


  • Think about your strategy for maintaining your content.
      Helpful questions:

    • Who will be responsible for updating content of your site?
    • How frequent are the updates expected to be?
    • Who will be responsible for administrative duties on your site?
  • Attend the Web Presence and Web Strategies Training.