OIV 4.1 Now Available

OIV logoA new version of Artstor’s Offline Image Viewer (OIV 4.1) is now available for download here.

OIV 4.1 has a number of new features, which you can learn more about in The Artstor Blog, the August 2016 OIV 4.1 Release Notes, or a short YouTube video. Perhaps most importantly, slide presentations no longer display slide numbers. However, Artstor chose to keep the “Image Viewer Icon” (which opens your image in a separate window, as it appears in Artstor) in the lower right corner of all presentations, where it can sometimes interfere with the image. In OIV 4.1, there is still no way to turn off this feature.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe logoAdobe announced this week that it will discontinue its sales of packaged software and move its business entirely online. That means you will no longer be able to purchase Adobe’s popular Creative Suite–which includes such applications as Photoshop and Dreamweaver–in the traditional manner.

In place of Creative Suite, Adobe is now advertising its new Creative Cloud, which provides online access to all of its Creative Suite products for a monthly subscription fee of around $50 per month. As soon as you stop paying for your subscription, you will lose access to the software.

As you might expect, early reviews of Adobe’s new business model have been mixed at best. If you’ve been only too happy to buy Photoshop one time and use it for many years (even as it becomes outdated), you’re going to be out of luck in the future. It’s likely that the monthly fees will price many individual users, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses out of the market.

If you prefer the old way of doing things, you can still purchase the current (and as it turns out, last) version of Creative Suite (CS6). Of course there are always alternatives to Adobe products, but few of them are quite as good.

And rest assured that your favorite Adobe applications will always be available for you to use at the VRC. Even with this costly new subscription service, Photoshop is quite simply too central to our mission for us to entertain any thoughts of giving it up.