Shared Shelf Commons Now Available in Artstor

Shared Shelf Commons logoArtstor has integrated Shared Shelf Commons into its search engine. From now on, a UD user searching “All Collections” in Artstor will find all relevant materials from the Artstor Digital Library (1.9 million images), UD’s local Shared Shelf collections (150,000 images), and Shared Shelf Commons (200,000 images).

Shared Shelf Commons is the free, open-access facet of Artstor, available to anyone worldwide, even without a subscription to Artstor. Shared Shelf subscribers like Cornell and UD have been publishing some of their collections to Shared Shelf Commons for several years now. Because of copyright restrictions, the Visual Resources Center’s images are not in Shared Shelf Commons, but many other UD collections are. These include, for instance, the UD Library’s own Franklin C. Daiber Botanical Collection, which was featured in a recent post in the Artstor Blog.

You will now find a list of “Shared Shelf Commons” collections at the center of the main Artstor search page, directly below the list of UD’s “Shared Shelf Institutional Collections” (which includes the VRC’s collection). Note that all of the UD collections listed here under Shared Shelf Commons also appear in the list of Institutional Collections. These particular collections (mostly from the UD Library) now essentially exist twice within the Artstor environment, which means that your search results will include duplicates of these images. It’s an unintended consequence of merging the two systems: the people at Artstor are aware of this little quirk, and will hopefully be fixing it in the near future.

Artstor Workshop

New Artstor LogoSusan Davi and I will be offering an introductory workshop on Artstor on Tuesday, April 14, from 2:00 to 3:30 pm in 116A Morris Library. We will offer training and tips on how to find and download images, create image groups, and use the Offline Image Viewer (OIV) for classroom presentations. We will also discuss Artstor’s Shared Shelf and Shared Shelf Commons, two new ways the University of Delaware is working with Artstor to make our digital image collections available online.

For more information about the workshop, see the announcement in UDaily. Anyone is welcome to attend, but seating is limited. Please click here to register for the workshop.

Brewer Bookplates in Artstor

William P. Barrett, The Library of George Frederick Ernest Albert Prince of Wales, 1904 (UD Library, William Augustus Brewer Bookplate Collection)

William P. Barrett, The Library of George Frederick Ernest Albert Prince of Wales, 1904, University of Delaware Library, Newark

The University of Delaware Library’s own William Augustus Brewer Bookplate Collection is the subject of a recent post in the Artstor Blog. The story highlights the Library’s collection of well over 12,000 bookplates dating from the 18th through 20th centuries, all of which can be viewed in Artstor.

The Brewer bookplates represent just one of many image collections from the UD Library that are available in Artstor. And even for non-Artstor subscribers, the Library’s collections are made freely available to anyone through the open-access Shared Shelf Commons.

New Images Available in Artstor

George Caleb Bingham, The Country Election, 1851-1852, Saint Louis Art Museum

George Caleb Bingham, The Country Election, 1851-1852, Saint Louis Art Museum

New images have recently been added to the Artstor Digital Library:

Artstor and Shared Shelf in UDaily

ARTstor logoYou probably already know that UD is a longtime subscriber to Artstor, but you may not know what Shared Shelf and Shared Shelf Commons (sometimes called “Artstor Commons”) are.

UDaily has just published an article about Artstor and Shared Shelf at UD that may answer some of your questions. The Visual Resources Center has been working with Artstor and the UD Library for years, so please feel free to contact me anytime if you need more information about any of these services!

New Collections in ARTstor

Ishtar Gate

Neo-Babylonian, Ishtar Gate, 604-562 BCE, Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin

Here is a year-end roundup of some of the notable recent additions to the ARTstor Digital Library:

Also, images from the University of Delaware Library are now featured in the Digital Public Library of America (DLPA).