Downloading from ARTstor

A sample ARTstor registration form

A sample ARTstor registration form

ARTstor has made an important change to how it allows users to download images. From now on, you must be logged in to your ARTstor account in order to download images. This means that if you have not already registered for an ARTstor account, you probably should do so now.

I have always encouraged users to register for ARTstor, because many useful features are only available to you when you’re logged in.¬†Registration is free, quick, and easy (see the sample registration form at left), and I’m confident that ARTstor will handle your email address responsibly.

You can register in the Log In area at the upper right corner of ARTstor’s Welcome screen. In order to register, you must be at a computer on the UD campus, but after that you can access your ARTstor account remotely for up to 120 days (see below). You may use any email account you want (it doesn’t have to be your UD email account), and it’s generally wise not to choose the same password you use for your email. You may also want to uncheck the two boxes (shown in the sample form at left) to avoid receiving any mailings from ARTstor.

To continue accessing your ARTstor account remotely, you will need to reauthorize it every 120 days (roughly once a semester). To do this, simply log in to your account from a UD computer, and you will automatically get another 120 days.

For more complete information on registering for an ARTstor account, you can find detailed instructions here, or watch a short You Tube video here.