HPA Program

The Home Purchase Assistance Program is managed by the Treasury Office.  For more information or to verify eligibility, review the policy by clicking on the link below.  This benefit applies to all full-time faculty and professional staff and is a one-time, taxable benefit.  Due to the complexities of the rapid-changing mortgage closing process, we offer two methods of assistance:

  1. Direct taxable reimbursement post-closing.  Simply complete the online form listed below and attach an executed copy of your settlement sheet.  Your paperwork will be reviewed immediately.  This is quick, easy, and can usually be approved and included in the next pay period for direct deposit into your bank account.
  2. Advance Payment to the title company.  In some cases of financial need, individuals ask for the assistance to be made at the time of closing.  In this case, this assistance benefit must be paid to the title company directly.  Since most title companies require a paper check at closing, the Treasury Office needs a completed application 15 business days prior to the scheduled closing.  Any change to your closing agent within the three week period could result in the inability to process, print, and certify your payment.  Should that occur, you would be provided a reimbursement.

The HPA Program Policy can be found here:  http://sites.udel.edu/generalcounsel/policies/home-purchase-assistance-program/

To submit an application for HPA Assistance reimbursement, click here to complete the online form and attach your settlement sheet:  http://www1.udel.edu/prm/HPAP.html

If you would like to apply for assistance at the time of closing, download this form and submit it to the Treasury Office via email to vpfinance@udel.edu with the subject line HPAP Assistance Program.