FBPR Project

Financial Budgeting, Planning & Reporting – Implementation Team
Greg Oler Project Sponsor
Mandy Minner Project Sponsor
Ron Huggins Project Lead/Manager
Doug Bernart Budget Functional Lead
Lionel Gilibert Budget Functional Lead
Amy Connell General Accounting Functional Lead

Lisa Kelly

General Accounting Functional Lead
Technical Leads
Li-Wen Lin IT Project Management

Bruce Raker

Management Information Systems Data
FBPR Steering Committee – Campus Liaisons
Elizabeth Deramo-Kollra Human Resources Information Systems
Jeffrey Friedland Research Office
Younes Haboussi Payroll Office
Katie Holden Office of the Provost
Jim Loughran Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services
Mike Matthews College of Engineering
Rachel Mroz College of Education and Human Development
Kawkab Rasheed College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Jaime Seguin Athletics & Recreation
Dee Smith College of Arts & Sciences
Linda Somers Lerner College of Business & Economics
Samuel Wilson College of Health Sciences

In addition, the FBPR Steering committee has recommended a small group of university Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to assist as needed with testing and providing feedback during critical phases of the project implementation. Please refer back to this page for more information on the FBPR Project.