I enjoy teaching all math, but I especially love being able to share the beauty of mathematics with students in proof based courses. At the University of Delaware, I have been a teaching assistant for:

  • Math 221 (Calculus I),
  • Math 241 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus A),
  • Math 242 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus 2).

I have also had the opportunity to teach as an instructor for several courses. At the University of Delaware, I have taught:

  • Math 221 (Calculus I) — Winter 2020 (in person)
  • Math 221 (Calculus I) — Summer II 2021 (on zoom)
  • Math 210 (Discrete Mathematics) — Fall 2021 (in person)
  • Math 349 (Elementary Linear Algebra) — Spring 2022 (in person)
  • Math 349 (Elementary Linear Algebra) — Fall 2022 (in person)

For my teaching during the 2022 as a graduate student, I received the Baxter-Sloyer Teaching award for excellence in teaching, a department wide award for rising graduate students. The award was based on student evaluations, course evaluations from faculty, and in part based on the prepared course materials.

In my role as a Temporary Assistant Professor, I have taught three section of Math 113 and was the coordinator for this course.

  • Math 113 (Contemporary Mathematics) — Fall 2023 (in person)

Lecture Notes

To see my extensive notes for Math 210, click here.

To see my notes current notes for Math 349, click here.

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