I’m part of an interdisciplinary research team that is looking into the potential for sea level rise to have a disproportionate impact on local communities already burdened with environmental pollution.  The community of Southbridge, located in South Wilmington, is an historic, black, working-class community with a strong sense of community and resilience to the issues it faces.  Southbridge is especially vulnerable to the potential for sea level rise because of its brownfields and legacy pollution.  With sea level rise, there is the possibility that existing legacy pollutants in the soil could become mobile.  Currently, I am working with the community to determine their level of concern and awareness of sea level rise, flooding, and pollution in the area, as well as the community’s perceptions of the health effects of their local environmental burdens.  Here are a few photos from “Southbridge Weekend” in July 2014, a local community event that showcases the positivity, solidarity, and resilience of the community, and one that highlights the importance of addressing important flooding and environmental issues (pictures courtesy of the South Wilmington Planning Network and Perez research team):


Crowdsource picture Mello picture of survey tent


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