Hello all! This is Leah Settipane- VCAT Project Coordinator and Master Trainer!

I am so excited to get this program up and running at the University of Delaware. I was a former student athlete volunteer in this program while I was a student athlete at Boston College in 2016 and to say the least it was life changing. This program has opened my eyes and allowed me to see first hand all of the incredible sacrifices that our military members make for our country! I gained immense knowledge that I have carried with me through life about the military, wellness, nutrition, exercise, meditation, sleep and I also gained an amazing mentor and friend – the warrior I was paired up with! till this day we are best friends and accountability partners. We constantly check in with each other and push each other physically, mentally, and spiritually, We are also there for each other when we are going through tough times or transitions.

Since the program ended in 2016- I went to England to play field hockey, water polo, and futsal while obtaining my masters degree. I also became a personal trainer, group fitness instructor (kickboxing and muay thai) and division one field hockey coach.

This year I moved down to Delaware to help start this amazing program up again! I am determined to give veterans and athletes a chance to experience what I have through this program. I can not wait to impact and improve the lives of our veterans and athletes by teaching them in the weight room as well as the classroom! EXCITED TO BE A BLUE HEN (I will also be coaching the UD field hockey team! LETS GO DEHO!). Handing the blog over the the amazing athletes that have volunteered their time to give back to our vets! PEACEEE OUT