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In the Know: Course and Section Numbers

Section numbers are used to designate the day, time, and location of a course. The section number appears after the course number: PSYC100-010 refers to General Psychology 100, section 010, which meets on M/W/F from 9:05-9:55 am in the Fall 2018 semester.

Some sections are offered online, including 194 and 195. Some are designated for special populations – such as Honors 080, 081, etc.. Some sections are not available to full-time students enrolled at UD’s main campus because they meet in another part of the state (or even the world!) – such as 310, 510, 710, and 070.

If a class you wish to take is full (0 seats available), check back at a later date, as a seat may become available if someone decides to drop the class. For additional information, visit the Registrar’s site.



Campus Resources: Academic Enrichment

As you begin the spring semester, reflect on your experiences in the fall and consider whether you may benefit from using other resources to enhance your academic performance.  The Office of Academic Enrichment offers several one-credit, pass/fail classes that help students develop their skills. Students choose a course on their current schedule to serve as a target class for practicing the skills being taught. 

UNIV113: Study Skills covers effective time management and study strategies.

UNIV114: Critical Thinking helps students become independent, well-informed thinkers and make persuasive arguments.

UNIV115: Problem Solving focuses on breaking mathematical and scientific problems into manageable components and solving them strategically.


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