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Program Spotlight: Ancient Greek and Roman Studies

Are you interested in art, architecture, philosophy, medicine or math? Well, the people of ancient Greece and Rome played major roles in founding all of these ideas that still maintain relevance today. The Ancient Greek and Roman Studies programs are a study of the classics and talks about all things ancient.

This major/minor is interdisciplinary and pairs well with other humanities majors like history, English and philosophy since many courses are cross listed. It offers a wide variety of courses about mythology, religion, philosophy, ancient sports, and women in the ancient world. This major requires courses in either ancient Greek or Latin, which can help a future doctor learn more about the origin of ailments or the future lawyer who wants to learn more about the creation of legal terms.

To learn more about this major or minor and its specific requirement check out the Ancient Greek and Roman Studies webpage. You can also reach out to our UST Peer Liaison Emily Haldas, who provided this post!

Minor Spotlight: Religious Studies

Religion is an important source of both personal meaning and inspiration and of social cohesion and group conflict in human societies. Students interested in exploring questions concerning spirituality, belief systems, and the functions of religious institutions are encouraged to take PHIL204: World Religions. The Religious Studies minor requires just this class and an additional 12 credits from an approved list of interdisciplinary coursework offered by a variety of departments including English, History, Anthropology, and Sociology.


Major Exploration: Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandising

If you have a knack for creating, adapting, displaying, and marketing clothing and accessories, a career in the fashion industry may be a good fit for you.

Students interested in the restricted majors, Apparel Design (BS) and Fashion Merchandising (BS), should submit the change of major form found here no later than February 15, 2019 to be considered for acceptance in the Spring. Admission to these majors is restricted; that is, they are limited by academic requirements (such as GPA), availability of resources (such as faculty supervisors), or physical space limitations (such as appropriate laboratory facilities).


Major/Minor Spotlight: Sexualities and Gender Studies

Coordinated by Dr. Pascha Bueno-Hansen, the interdisciplinary Sexualities and Gender Studies minor explores the relationship of gender and sexuality to the law, politics, religion, psychology, medicine, education, and the arts. The SGST minor consists of 18 credits: three required courses and three elective courses, such as Foundations of Human Sexuality, Sociology of Sex & Gender, and Gay & Lesbian Film.

This minor is available to students in all majors and is particularly relevant for people who plan to pursue careers involving equity issues, including teaching, social work, human resources, and the health professions.

Minor Spotlight: Theatre Studies

This 15-credit minor is designed for students who are interested in a variety of areas of the theatre, including performance, production, history, and directing. All students in the minor complete THEA104: Introduction to Theater & Drama, as well as 6 THEA elective credits at the 200-level and 6 THEA elective credits at the 300-400-level (or a DANC course approved by the minor advisor). For more information, consult the program faculty in Hartshorn Hall.

Students interested in performance opportunities should contact E-52, the amateur theatre group on campus.


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