Important Dates – Winter 2019

Jan. 7      Five-week classes begin
Jan. 10     Last day to register for 5-week classes
Jan. 14     Four-week classes begin
Jan. 17     Last day to register for 4-week classes
Jan. 21     Martin Luther King Holiday- no classes / offices closed
Jan. 25     Last day to withdraw from 5-week classes
Jan. 27     Last day to withdraw from 4-week classes
Feb. 9      Final Exams for Winter Session Classes


Course offerings for Winter Session 2019 are now available for students to view.

Beginning October 29, UD students may begin registering for winter session classes online through WebReg. Access to the system is based on your classification (freshman, sophomore, etc.), which is based on the number of credits you will have earned by the end of the fall 2018 semester.
“Enrollment appointments” identify the date and time that each student may begin to register. These dates are posted on your student page in UDSIS. Students may continue to register through UDSIS from their beginning enrollment date through the end of the free drop/add period in January 2019.