In the Know: Mid-Term Grade Report

First year students will be able to view their mid-term grade reports in UDSIS by Monday, October 15. If you do not have a midterm grade posted for a particular class, then that instructor has not submitted the information.

If you are concerned about your midterm grades and have questions about alternative grade options such as withdraw, audit, and pass/fail, contact an academic advisor to discuss your options. The deadline for changing your grade status in a class is Tuesday, October 23, 2018.



Course offerings for Winter Session 2019 are now available for students to view.

Beginning October 29, UD students may begin registering for winter session classes online through WebReg. Access to the system is based on your classification (freshman, sophomore, etc.), which is based on the number of credits you will have earned by the end of the fall 2018 semester.
“Enrollment appointments” identify the date and time that each student may begin to register. These dates are posted on your student page in UDSIS. Students may continue to register through UDSIS from their beginning enrollment date through the end of the free drop/add period in January 2019.


Helpful Hints for First-Year Students

¨ Attend classes regularly and focus on the material being covered when you are in class.

¨ Sit near the front of the classroom and make eye contact with the instructor.

¨ Read the syllabus carefully and note important dates (exams, assignments due, etc.) on your personal calendar.

¨ If you have questions about the material or an exam, attend the instructor’s or the teaching assistant’s office hours.

¨ Set aside adequate time to read, study, and complete your coursework. Hone your study skills by attending a free OAE workshop.

¨ If you have concerns, contact an advisor to discuss them.


Helpful Hints: Course Registration and Schedule Changes

Although there are some limits on how much choice you have in course selection, students do have the option of making changes to their Fall 2018 schedules during the free drop/add period, which ends on Tuesday, September 11. Log in to UDSIS to make schedule changes using the WebReg system. You may need to complete a Course Permit form to submit requests for restricted classes.

Your academic advisor cannot enroll you in a full course or a course that a department has reserved for specific populations. If you receive an error message when you try to register for a class, please read the corresponding note and follow the instructions provided.