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Virtual Advising and Online Learning Tips and Resources

We hope you are all staying safe (inside!) and adjusting smoothly to your online learning formats. You should have already received an update from your UST advisor that all advising for the remainder of this semester will be done virtually either through email or Zoom. Every advisor has their own unique Zoom link, so make sure you are using the one they provide you. If you want to schedule a Zoom meeting with your advisor, you may do so the same way you would a regular meeting through BHSC.

If you are not currently a UST student but would like to speak with a UST advisor, you can email

Make sure you are utilizing the many online resources available to you to assist you with your academic planning and your online learning:

Pre-Registration for Fall 2020 and Declaring a Major

Pre-registration advising has begun! Check out our previous post about Spring enrollment for tips and reminders that also pertain to Fall enrollment. If you have already picked out a major and are able to change it prior to the start of your registration, we highly recommend you do so. Please read the following for more information about declaring a major.

If you have already completed a full semester (spring or fall) as a UD student and have chosen a major that you meet the requirements for, you can submit a Change of Major form. You cannot submit a Change of Major yet if a) you are a new student (first-year or transfer) in your first semester, b) the major you want has specific application dates, and/or c) you do not meet the requirements for the restricted major. For application dates and requirements, see the Restricted Majors page for your Catalog year: 2017-20182018-2019, 2019-2020.

  • For students who want a major in the College of Business and Economics, you can apply starting March 15th, as long as you meet the minimum requirements.
  • For students who want a major in the College of Engineering, you can apply after your spring semester grades have been published and as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

New first-year and transfer students whose entry term is Spring 2020 can submit a Change of Major form for an unrestricted major (any major not listed on the Restricted Majors page) starting April 14 (after the withdrawal deadline).

You can find the Change of Major form in UDSIS or directly through Web Forms. Here are some tips when submitting the form:

  • If you are submitting a request for more than one program (e.g. double majors, a major and a minor, etc.), put in separate entries for each program. It will not accept a major and a minor in the same line.
  • Submit the form itself. Adding the lines for each program is not submitting the form. Make sure you complete the page asking why you are requesting the change.
  • Allow some time for the form to process. It needs to be approved by the department and then processed by the Registrar. You can see the status in Web Forms by reviewing the form in the Out Basket tab.

We encourage students to declare a major by the end of their sophomore year. If you are in your second or third year and are undecided or don’t meet the requirements for your intended major, schedule a meeting with your UST advisor to explore your options.

Winter Break: Halfway Through, Need Something to Do?

We hope you are enjoying your winter break! Now that the holidays are over, are you looking for something to do? We have some suggestions to make use of your time before jumping back into a full semester of classes.

Still need to pick a major?
  • Use Major Finder to learn more about the many majors UD has. You can also check out the Career Outcomes page for information about our graduates per major.
  • Take the PathwayU assessments and explore your career matches to see what majors might be a good fit.
  • If you have narrowed down your search to a handful of majors, use the catalog to see what the requirements are for each major. Knowing which classes you can choose from or are required to take might help you decide. If you have questions about certain requirements, ask your UST advisor. Make sure to choose the catalog for the school year you started at UD.
Plan ahead for your travels.

If you know you want to study abroad or go on an alternative break, the time to start planning is now! Explore the various study abroad options on their website. The programs only go through Fall 2020, but seeing what has been offered is a good indication of what might be offered in future semesters.

Now is also a good time to work on your resume.

Internships are not just for your junior and senior years. The more experience you have, the better! Even if you aren’t planning on applying to internships and part-time jobs this summer, it is a good idea to build a proper resume now to see what areas you might need to work on. It is also a document that takes time; a good one cannot be thrown together last minute. Check out the Career Center’s website for information on how to get started.

Check your Spring semester schedule.

Make sure you are enrolled in a full schedule of courses (minimum 12 credits; around 15 credits recommended). If there are any courses you need to repeat, make the proper adjustments. If you have not already passed ENGL110 or your first-year seminar, they need to be completed in the Spring.  UST advisors are here all winter, and we still have drop-in hours. If you have any questions, reach out to your advisor!

Cookies & Pizza!

University Studies Pre-Registration Event. November 11, 2019. 4:30-6:30 PM. Harrington Engagement Center. Come enjoy cookies & pizza, and spend time with UST Peer Liaisons and advisors to help you with Winter/Spring 2020 questions or concerns.

Make Winter Count

Winter enrollment has begun. ICYMI check out this article on UDaily about winter session. If you are interested in taking classes during winter and haven’t already, be sure to meet with your UST advisor to discuss which course(s) you can take. There are also online courses available.

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