Sarah is a sophomore honors student majoring in Cognitive Science with a Pre-Professional Speech-Language Pathology Specialization and minoring in Psychology and Disability Studies. She is one of our peer liaisons and an active member of NSSLHA (the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association). She also works on south campus in STAR tower as a research assistant in the SLAM lab, which studies child language acquisition, and as a substitute gallery attendant on campus on the weekends when she has the time.

Tell us about an experiential learning experience you’ve had while at UD.

I work as a research assistant for course credit, so I would definitely consider that an experiential learning experience. I get to work closely with individuals such as my PI, Giovanna Morini, who know a lot about some of the disciplines I hope to continue studying. She and others have given me great foundational knowledge in research areas I am interested in, as well as some experience in the field of communication disorders.

What advice do you have for new or prospective UST students?

Make use of your advisor! I didn’t know about a lot of majors that I considered before I consulted with my advisor. With her help and the guidance of other students, I was really able to narrow out my search.

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you first started at UD?

The truth is that, even though a lot of people will say they do, nobody knows exactly what they want to do for the rest of their life when they start college. I felt super pressured to know what I wanted to major in as soon as I started my freshman year, and I was so worried that I was going to be behind other people. Now I’m actually ahead of some of the people who declared their majors early on, and some of the people I know who were certain they had it all figured out have switched majors numerous times since they started college. Take a deep breath—you have time!

What’s one resource you think UST students should utilize more?

Their Peer Liaisons! I feel like some students may be afraid to reach out to us, but we really are here to help! I love when I get an email from a student and I can give them advice. Don’t hesitate. 🙂

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