One way to enhance any major is to minor in Global Studies – the interdisciplinary study of the political and cultural foundations of global issues. All students in this minor take three core courses – ARSC300, ANTH101, and POSC270 – as well as three courses from their chosen track. Two tracks are available in this minor – Global Systems and Human Rights and Security. For more information, contact faculty director Cynthia Schmidt-Cruz.

In the Know: Campus Resources

Did you know that small groups of students can reserve study rooms in the Morris Library? The library provides 40 comfortably furnished group study rooms that include WiFi. Most rooms have blackboards or glass writing boards. Room 049 on the Lower Level even has a projector and screen. The Multimedia Design Center provides studios where students can use advanced technology to create a digital map or record a presentation.

Peer-to-Peer Advice from Undeclared Students

When I got to college in the fall, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I heard other people talking about their majors and what careers they wanted and I wondered how they knew all that when we’re only 18 years old. I never even heard of half the majors they have at UD; how could I pick something if I don’t know what it is?? Right now I’m taking a lot of different classes to meet my requirements and hoping I figure out what I want to do. – UST Freshman   


I was a biology major when I entered UD. I always liked science when I was a kid so I thought that would be a good major for me. But after taking all those really hard classes like bio and chem and calc in freshman year, I decided I had enough and I switched to UST. It’s not that I mind working hard, but I don’t even like biology! So now I’m taking a class on choosing a major and considering what other things I’m interested in. – UST Freshman

It’s hard to believe I’m finishing my sophomore year soon. I am a very different person than when I came here as a freshman. It was hard for me to adjust to college even though I was a good student. I didn’t know how much things like trying to make friends and getting used to living with strangers would affect me. I almost transferred to a school closer to home at the end of my first semester, but now I’m glad I stuck it out. – UST Sophomore/Social Science Interest Area



Expand Your Horizons

Study Abroad Fair – Tuesday, February 20, 2018

from 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Photo by David Litz, “Where Land Meets the Sea” Italy, Winter 2016

Join the Institute for Global Studies and the Center for Global & Area Studies as they present a world of opportunities to explore the globe. Venture through Trabant Center to speak to faculty directors of over 20 study abroad programs and learn more about opportunities for scholarships that support educational travel. Faculty from UD’s Area Studies programs and representatives from the Delaware Diplomats Program, English Language Institute, Fulbright program and UDaB will be available to answer questions.

Just for Fun

Take this fun quiz to see how much you know about the UST advisors! Follow us on Instagram at ust_at_ud and direct message us your answers. The student who answers the most items correctly will receive a prize.  The deadline for submitting your entry is midnight on        Wednesday, February 28.Emily Evans,
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These are a few of our favorite things…can you match the advisors with their leisure interests?