Helpful Tips: Books and Other Supplies

Check your course syllabi or Canvas (the course management system used at UD) to see which books and other materials are required for your Spring classes. You can pre-order books online from UD Barnes and Noble. If you want to buy or rent your books in person, take a copy of your schedule with you to the bookstore at 83 East Main Street and staff will help you get the books you need.  

In the Know: Academic Probation

Undergraduate students with a cumulative G.P.A. below 2.0 and fewer than 13.00 deficit points are placed on academic probation. As a college student, you are ultimately responsible for your academic decisions. However, there are many people on campus who are invested in supporting your success.

If you did not perform well in the fall and have been placed on academic probation, you can work with an academic advisor to reflect on last semester, clarify your values, and carefully evaluate your abilities, interests, and goals. You can also work with a specialist from the Office of Academic Enrichment to identify problem areas (such as time management and resource organization). Students can learn strategies for effectively addressing these issues through workshops, one-credit classes, and individual sessions.



Networking Opportunity

Spring into Success is a two-day conference for residential and commuter students in their first year at UD. The keynote speaker is Arel Moodie, an author and entrepreneur who grew up in the projects of Brooklyn and went on to build a million-dollar business.

Workshops, panels, and presentations focus on three areas: Academic & Career Success, Student Involvement & Engagement, and Personal Development.

For conference registration, log in to your Housing Portal or contact Tierra Fields, Complex Coordinator.


In There Is Life After College: What Parents and Students Should Know About Navigating School to Prepare for the Jobs of Tomorrow (2016), former editor of the Chronicle of Higher Education and best-selling author Jeffrey J. Selingo offers keen insight and practical advice that can help any college student – regardless of major – identify marketable skills, find professional employment, and get a strong start on their careers.