Helpful Hints: Foreign Language Placement at UD

Over half of the majors at UD require that students complete coursework in a language other than English. Placement in the appropriate level class is based on your previous experience with the language you choose to study. Students who are native speakers of languages other than English may take an exemption exam by making arrangements with the placement coordinator.

Helpful Tips: Course and Section Numbers

Section numbers are used to designate the day, time, and location of a course. The section number appears after the course number: PSYC100-010 refers to General Psychology 100, section 010, which meets on M/W/F at 10:10 am in the Fall 2017 semester.

Some sections are offered online, including 194 and 195. Some are designated for special populations – such as Honors 080, 081, etc.. Some sections are not available to full-time students enrolled at UD’s main campus because they meet in another part of the state (or even the world!) – such as 310, 510, 710, and 070.

In the Know: Course Registration during the Free Drop/Add Period

For some college students, course selection and registration is a positive experience. After having limited choices in high school, they may feel excited by the opportunity to take a class in a subject they’ve never been exposed to and grateful  they can develop a schedule that is consistent with their preferred sleep habits. Other students feel overwhelmed by the wide range of classes available, disappointed that they have to take more general education classes, or anxious about securing a seat in a popular course that filled before they could add it to their schedules. Although there are limits on how much choice you have in course selection, students do have the option of making changes to their Fall 2017 schedules beginning
Tuesday, August 1 using the WebReg system.       

Your academic advisor can not enroll you in a full course or a course that a department has reserved for specific populations. If you receive an error message when you try to register for a class, read the corresponding note and follow the instructions provided.