Helpful Hints: Textbooks and Other Course Materials

You can buy your books, clicker, and other suggested course materials at the  on Main Street or at any of the bookstores in downtown Newark. The bookstore offers the option of renting some textbooks and choosing used copies of others if you prefer, which can cut down on your costs.

If you order your books online through the UD Bookstore, the ordering system will indicate required books for your course and section. If you want to buy your books in person, take a copy of your schedule with you to the bookstore and the staff will help you get the books you need for each course. The correct books will also be noted on the syllabus for each course. Note that some books are required; you definitely need to purchase those. Other books are recommended, so it is up to you whether you want to buy those titles.

On the Bookshelf

The shared common reader is a unique opportunity for first-year students to engage in a meaningful conversation with their peers and faculty as they begin to share in the intellectual life of the UD community. Students are expected to read the book before arriving on campus. Opportunities to attend lectures, films, and other cultural events organized around the theme of the book are provided throughout the fall semester.


Student-to-Student Advice

I think most things in life work out best when there’s a good balance of work and fun and adventure and stability. I had the most amazing opportunity to study abroad my freshman year and it forever changed me. My advice is to take risks, but don’t be so careless that you put yourself in a dangerous situation because you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. – International Relations Sophomore

I really think sometimes it’s necessary to fail at something to really appreciate success. I’m undeclared now, but when I entered UD, I was in engineering. I had to go on academic probation and that was a real eye-opening experience after doing well in high school and not having to work very hard. – UST Sophomore

I’ve had a hard time figuring out if I’m in the right major and what I could do for a career. I still have to do a lot of soul-searching. I’m amazed at how much support and advice people here have given me. I’m convinced there’s nothing more important for success in college than building good relationships. – Biological Sciences Sophomore


Helpful Hints: Math Placement at UD

Every incoming student must take the math placement exam (MPE), and completing a math course is required for graduation from UD in nearly all cases. To register for a math​ class, you must attain a particular score on the MPE. Your enrollment in the appropriate math class is based on your (intended) major. For example, most business major require MATH221: Calculus, whereas most arts and humanities majors require MATH113.

To determine your recommended math course, use the Math Placement Goal chart or contact an academic advisor.

In the Know: Habits of Successful Students

  1. Be proactive. Ask questions, tell someone (teacher, advisor, peer mentor, RA) if you notice a problem developing, and accept help if you need assistance.
  2. Be informed. Read your course syllabi carefully and regularly check e-mail and Sakai or Canvas for announcements.
  3. Be organized. Write things down in a planner or on your phone and review it frequently. Keep class materials together in a binder that is easily accessible.