Lys Murray is an academic advisor for the University Studies Program and the Assistant Director for the Office of Academic Enrichment at UD’s Center for Academic Success. Her undergraduate major was in Choral Music Education. Lys told us that her first job after college was as a 6th-8th grade choir director: “I did that for a few years, but decided that teaching in the schools (especially middle school!) was not for me. I found a job as an administrative assistant and did that type of work until I found my passion here at UD, working with college students. My Master’s degree in Individual & Family Studies helped me to move up to my current position.” In her free time, Lys is still very active in the music world, where she sings in UD’s Schola Cantorum and directs other choirs when the opportunity arises. Lys said, “I had a great education in music, and it has had a profound effect on my life. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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