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Month: January 2017

Student Spotlight: Georgette E. Class-Peters

Georgette E. Class-Peters is a first-year undeclared student who decided to attend UD because it is close to her family and offers degrees that will make her competitive in the job market.


When Georgette entered college, she felt sure she would major in criminal justice, but she now intends to declare a public policy major because it encompasses all of the topics she finds interesting and will serve as good preparation for law school.


Georgette’s advice for incoming freshman is to find a mentor with whom you can talk about the transition from high school to college. She thinks it is important to ask for help when you need it and to find someone who will guide you in the right direction.

Student-to-Student Advice

“Talk to your advisor, your teachers, the people who drive the bus or work at the library. Just strike up a conversation when you get the chance. There are so many interesting people here.”  Sophomore Undeclared student

“Keep track of everything! It doesn’t matter what system you use – an agenda book or your phone or whatever. But have a system. There’s a lot of dates you need to know in college, like exams and deadlines.” Sophomore Sociology major

“Even if you came to college with a set idea of what you want to major in and what career you’re going to have, be open to suggestions and other people’s ideas. Don’t close off any possibilities. You might miss a great opportunity.” Junior Communications major

Career Exploration: Training and Development Specialist

jan-10-blog-picDo you have strong oral and written communication skills? Do you enjoy compiling information and sharing your ideas and skills with others? If so, you may want to consider a career as a training and development specialist. According to O*Net, a specialist evaluates a group’s training needs and designs and delivers training programs to an organization’s staff.  Most people in this job category hold a Bachelor’s degree, but there is no specific major one needs to complete to enter this occupation. The median wage for training specialists was $58, 210 in 2015, and projected job growth is average at five to eight percent. The top industries for employment in this occupation include health care and social services and professional, scientific, and technical services.

Major/Minor Spotlight: Communication

communication-pic-for-blogIn a job market where managers across industries identify verbal and written communication skills as valuable, students may want to consider the major in Communication, which is designed around two central goals: increasing knowledge about communication processes and their impact on society, and developing communication competencies.

For students who are interested in politics and public policy, UD offers minors in both Political Science and Political Communication. Students with this type of educational background may seek employment as lobbyists, campaign coordinators, fundraisers, or public relations managers.

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