College Students and Mental Health

Everyone experiences feelings of worry, sadness, and confusion sometimes, but not everyone lives with an anxiety or depressive disorder. Getting an official diagnosis can be scary, but naming the problem adec-2-blog-picnd developing strategies to manage it may help you regain control over your life.

The Student Counseling Services Office provides clinical assessments, individual therapy, and support groups for students who need assistance with a variety of issues that affect their well-being.

The Disability Support Services office at UD processes requests for accommodations for students whose medical documentation makes them eligible for such arrangements

Are You Ready for Finals?

nov-29-picThe Office of Academic Enrichment (OAE) at UD supports student success by providing a wide range of services. OAE is located at 148-150 S. College Avenue in the Center for Academic Success. For a full list of resources provided, visit our website.

PREPARING FOR FINALS WORKSHOP* will be offered from 7-8 pm on Thursday, December 1 in Christiana Commons

                  *pre-registration not necessary*

Student Spotlight

Former UST student Maggie Kmetz is now a senior Public Policy major with a concnov-21-pic-1entration in Public and Non-Profit Administration and a minor in Women’s Studies. Maggie discovered Public Policy and Women’s Studies by fulfilling breadth requirements and “immediately fell in love with both programs.” She credits her UST advisor, Lys Murray, with helping her learn what kinds of questions to ask when developing an academic plan.nov-21-pic-2

Recalling her first year at UD, Maggie told advisor Margie Kiter Edwards, “Coming into college I really had no idea what I wanted to pursue. The UST program was perfect because of all of the resources that were offered. My advisor was really invested in helping to find a major that fit. UST really gave me the opportunity to explore a bunch of different majors and minor while still receiving credits toward my degree. If I had not started in UST, I would be behind, so I am thankful for this program!”