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Month: November 2016

Student Spotlight: Maggie Kmetz

Former UST student Maggie Kmetz is now a senior Public Policy major with a concnov-21-pic-1entration in Public and Non-Profit Administration and a minor in Women’s Studies. Maggie discovered Public Policy and Women’s Studies by fulfilling breadth requirements and “immediately fell in love with both programs.” She credits her UST advisor, Lys Murray, with helping her learn what kinds of questions to ask when developing an academic plan.nov-21-pic-2

Recalling her first year at UD, Maggie told advisor Margie Kiter Edwards, “Coming into college I really had no idea what I wanted to pursue. The UST program was perfect because of all of the resources that were offered. My advisor was really invested in helping to find a major that fit. UST really gave me the opportunity to explore a bunch of different majors and minor while still receiving credits toward my degree. If I had not started in UST, I would be behind, so I am thankful for this program!”


Major Spotlight: Hospitality Industry Management

nov14-pic-1The Hospitality Industry Management Studies (HIMS) major is housed in the Lerner College of Business & Economics. Core courses in this major include accounting, business computing, statistics, micro– and macro-economics, and public speaking.

This major requires students to complete 700 or more hours of approved industry internship experience in the area of focus and an additional 100 hours of approved community service activities prior to graduation. The internship must complement the customized focus area. Students select a concentration from one of these areas: Real Estate Development and Management, Hospitality Marketing and e-commerce, or Hospitality Revenue Management.

To declare a major in HIMS, students must have completed 15 credit hours and have a mininov14-pic-2mum GPA of 2.5 for 15-60 credit hours, or a minimum GPA of 3.0 for more than 60 credit hours. For additional information, contact Ms. Donna Laws at (302) 831-6077.

If you want to know more about this major, we recommend attending the Interest Meeting at Vita Nova (2nd floor, Trabant Student Center) on Tuesday, November 15 at 4:00 pm.

Valuable tools on UDSIS

nov-7-pic-2The Degree Audit allows you to monitor your progress toward completing a degree. This tool is available to you throughout your undergraduate career. The degree audit is built as a collapsible advisement tool – as requirements are satisfied, sections of the report will collapse. The report will become shorter over time, making it easy to view which sections are still expanded, and therefore required, before graduation.

The What-If Report is another valuable tool to assist students and advisors when a student is considering a particular academic plan. The What-If report can also be used to see how a specific course would fit into your curriculum. These resources are provided to help students with academic planning. Using these tools does not take the place of professional advising, nor does it guarantee students admission into any given program of study.



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