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Involvement Fair 2.0

Although, we can’t celebrate the 2020 University of Delaware Involvement Fair the way we intended, here is a taste of last year’s event and years to come. We also know that The Involvement Fair 2.0 will be a special one-of-a-kind digital experience for our incoming first-year class to get involved at UD from anywhere. Learn more below.

Which Student Group Fits you best?

Figure out which types of RSOs at UD fit you best. Take our simple visual quiz and find some groups that are tailored just for you. Getting Involved on campus has never been easier, and it will ensure you make the most out of your UD experience.

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The Involvement Fair 2.0!

  • Involvement Fair 2.0 is an all-virtual event on August 31 from 1-4 pm.

  • Watch 1-minute “Welcome Videos” to find groups and information sessions you’d like to attend.

  • Each group will have three 15-minute sessions between 1-4 pm using one zoom link so you can make your own schedule to visit all the groups you are interested in.

  • Each session will be about 15 minutes in duration. Groups may facilitate Q&A, breakout rooms, or other types of engaging activities.

  • Afterward, you’ll be directed to learn more or join the group via Student Central.

How to Create Your One Minute Welcome Video

Watch this brief tutorial for tips and tricks on creating a Welcome Video for your RSO.

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