I’m Sean Friday (he, him, his), a senior Construction Engineering and Management major from Plymouth Meeting, PA. I am president of the Golden Blues a cappella group, the founder of Construction Engineers of America on campus, and soon to be coach of the Collegiate Leadership Competition team. As a part of BHLP, I will be participating in Tier 4 and wrapping up my final year with BHLP. When I’m not singing or studying, you can usually find me in Trabant lounge or at Wonderland Records on Main Street. This summer I’m working as an intern for Wohlsen Construction and gearing up to continue my research with drones in the fall. BHLP has been a huge part of my college career and I hope to help make it a worthwhile part of yours as well! It was one of the best decisions I made coming into college and I can assure all of you that you are on the path to success at this school. It gave me the skills, confidence, and friends to push me to greater heights. If I had to give you a single piece of advice for your start at UD, I’d say just do you. College is a time to reimagine and reinvent so be the blue hen you aspire to be.
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