Sarah Kubat

Sarah Kubat

Orange and green fractal image

very big question

by Sarah Kubat, ’23

Major: Anthropology

“very big question” includes layers and layers within the fractal image that each hold all my conscious and subconscious questions and curiosities that have consumed much of my life.

Adrienne Henderson

Adrienne Henderson

Embroidered skull with multicolored raised satin stitch and bullion knots used to form the shape of a brain
Closeup of embroidered skull and multicolored brain

string of thought

by Adrienne Henderson, ’23

Major: Kinesiology and Applied Physiology

Thread of Thought is an original embroidery made with cotton fibers stitched onto a black cotton fabric. The fabric was first bleached in the shape of a skull to give it a realistic bone color after which a raised satin stitch was used to shape the cerebrum and bullion knots formed the cerebellum. Last, a whipped backstitch was used for the skull bone outlines.

Shagorika Mukherjee

Shagorika Mukherjee

Collage of gold leaves on textured canvas

Wrapped in gold!

by Shagorika Mukherjee, ’25
Mixed media, 2022

Major: Material Science and Engineering

It is my very first mixed media artwork. It is an experimental one. I have used a fusion of natural and human-made wonders to make this art-piece.

Craig Barber

Craig Barber

Collage of cut up papers spelling out "I'm Done" in jagged letters

A Student's Cry

by Craig Barber, ’23

Major: Computer Science

Photo of a collage of cut up assignments and exams spelling out “I’m Done” – Could possibly be recreated, but original doesn’t physically exist anymore.

Adebola Bolarinwa

Adebola Bolarinwa

Black and white painting of female standing in front of a large face in the background, visible through her opaque figure. Pops of color appear throughout the artwork in an orange and flower on a table and the mouth of the face.

Bruised orange

by Adebola Bolarinwa, ’24
16in x 20in Acrylic, Charcoal and Oil Pastel on Canvas, 2021

Major: Biological Sciences

Inspired by Justin Vernon’s version of the song “Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow)” by John Prine, the contrast of the colors, amidst all the black and white, create a cheerful dynamic to the overall solemn perception of the piece.