Madi Gryskiewicz

Digital illustration of a rabbit holding a carrot, wearing an eggplant costume, sitting in front of a Trick or Treat bag.
Digital illustration of a human-like character with a Jack-o-Lantern head sitting and looking sorrowful
Digital illustration of a penguin wearing a space helmet and green antenna, holding a candy bag shaped like a UFO
Digital illustration of a ghost wearing Mickey Mouse ears, a devil wearing a Batman costume and a wolf wearing a Princess Peach costume, all looking sad with empty trick or treat bags.

Critters on Halloween

by Madi Gryskiewicz, ’23
Adobe Illustrator, 2022

Major: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

These were my first tests using digital art. They were made during fall of 2020, while we were all stuck at home. Making this little series at the time really boosted my moral. It portrays various little creatures dressed for Halloween (which was kind of canceled that year from covid).