Phase I Guidelines

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First, be sure to review the associated Phase I guidelines.

RSO, Recognized Fraternity and Sorority Meetings for up to 12 Attendees (Student Centers only)

4 week pilot – from October 26 – November 20

RSOs, recognized fraternities and sororities play an important role in providing vibrancy and a sense of community for UD through opportunities to explore, connect, and develop lifelong skills through experiential learning. To ensure a balance between in-person activities and safety, the following guidelines will be enacted as a first phase measure.

Beginning October 26, USC will resume the opportunity for RSOs, recognized fraternities and sororities to hold meetings of twelve or fewer people. A meeting is defined as a gathering of organization members with the goal of addressing matters related to the mission and business of the organization, typically occurring on some on-going and predictable schedule. Examples include a business meeting, prayer group, or a performance rehearsal and do not require alteration of the space nor advanced technical assistance. Only meetings that include members of the student organization will be permitted during this phase.

RSOs, recognized fraternities and sororities must follow all University and State of Delaware Health guidelines and requirements including:

  • USC staff must review and approve the COVID-19 request form and will be present at the meeting if needed.
  • All in-person meetings and events must be held in a reservable space which is currently limited to University Student Center spaces. Classrooms, off-campus meetings, and other university facilities (e.g. parking lots, the green, academic classrooms, etc.) will not be permitted (by student organizations) at this time.
  • There must be a minimum of 30 minutes scheduled between meetings. The Event Services reservations staff will ensure this through the scheduling process. Rooms will be cleaned and disinfected following the same protocols and frequency as academic classrooms.
  • Meeting organizers hosting in-person meetings must track attendance by recording the name and email address of each UD attendee as they arrive for contact tracing purposes. Meeting organizers must submit these lists to USC Event Services staff within 24 hours of the meeting.
  • Consumption of food and/or beverages in reserved spaces is prohibited.
  • Mandatory use of face coverings is required for all attendees. Reserving groups are responsible for purchasing/obtaining these supplies if necessary.
  • No more than 12 people may participate in an in-person meeting. This number may be less depending on specific space-use restrictions.
  • A meeting may need to be canceled at any time in support of public health efforts (e.g. if the positivity rate increases on campus, we may need to cancel meetings and events).
  • All attendees must display the green checkmark from the daily symptom screening prior to meeting entry.
  • University Student Centers have designated room configurations to accommodate physical distancing that cannot be altered.
  • Attendees must avoid sharing any personal objects, such as electronic devices and books.
  • RSOs, recognized fraternities and sororities must fill out a COVID-19 request form, which provides scheduling offices with information on how public safety requirements will be met and what COVID-19 mitigation strategies will be in place.
    • USC staff will review the COVID-19 request form, which may include consultation or additional reviewers. 
    • Facility managers and University safety officers will determine specific space occupancy, in accordance with current State and city regulations.
    • Once the review is completed, organizers will be notified.
    • Student organizations or recognized fraternities and sororities who conduct meetings without approval will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct

Phase II (Spring Semester) guidelines coming soon

  • Note: USC Staff planned programs with up to 50 students will be piloted during the October 26 – November 20 in anticipation of allowing student and university department planned programming during phase 2.
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