Hello, everybody! My name is Joey Lanzona (he/him/his) and I am studying Exercise Science for Physical Therapy. I was born in the Philippines, but I spent a majority of my life in Newark, Delaware! Although I am a commuter student, I try my best to be involved with on-campus activities! I am an undergraduate research assistant for Move 2 Learn Innovation Labs where we integrate technology with comfortable, fashionable clothing for differently abled children. I also served as an undergraduate research student for Developmental Motor Control Labs in the KAAP Department where I performed a study analyzing the effects of ASMR on motor control and executive functioning! I am currently enrolled in Blue Hen Leadership Program Tier 4 where I developed a program to assist students from underrepresented minorities to flourish in the KAAP Department! In Tier 2 and Tier 3, I was involved with Wilmington Green Box, a black-owned, vegan non-profit focused on providing healthy food in inner-city Wilmington. I love singing, dancing, making music, and vegan food cooking, vlogging myself on Snapchat. Through QUEST, I was able to join a community of student leaders despite being a commuter student. Through BHLP, in general, I was given the tools and platform to advocate for the underrepresented members in the LGBT+ community through BHLP led discussions and workshops. LEAP helped me continue my passion of student organizing & service-oriented leadership from high school to our Newark Community and beyond. Service through leadership is bigger than yourself and I cannot wait for all of you to experience a revamped & refreshing viewpoint on what you already know about leadership!

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