Hen Zone

325 Academy Street

(302) 831-6364 


You can locate Perkins Student Center at 325 Academy Street in Newark, Delaware. Hourly parking is available in the Perkins Garage adjacent to the building. The building is ADA compliant with ramps, elevators, push operated doors and has railed bathrooms. View the campus map.

The Hen Zone

The Hen Zone game room underwent a massive renovation in 2018. The garage doors unveiled an edgy, new and improved gaming and hangout space. With a fresh face and exciting improvements, the game room is now open for fun, or off-hour reservations. Located on the lower level of Perkins Student Center the Hen Zone is open daily throughout the semester. Students can play recreationally or enjoy friendly competition in billiards, foosball, table tennis, quad air hockey, board games, and a wide selection of video games for PlayStation3, Wii U, and Xbox One.

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