Student Testimonials

The Blue Hen Leadership Program is a nationally recognized, 4- tiered, experiential leadership development program open to all students. BHLP students report that their involvement in this program has led to lasting friendships, campus leadership roles, successful internships and job offers…plus, a lot of fun!

Get started on your leadership journey by participating in the QUEST leadership experience and Tier 1. Apply to QUEST here. For more information, please email Susan Luchey at sluchey@udel.edu.

In the meantime, hear from our students how BHLP and QUEST made a positive impact in their lives: on their career readiness, friendships and leadership skills.

“Deciding to do BHLP was hands down the best decision I could have made, because it helped me gain a sense of confidence and also extend my learning outside the classroom.”

-Cullen Kisner, Honors Program

More Testimonials

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