Reflection on Change Podcast

About the Podcast

BHLP’s Reflection on Change podcast features conversations with local, national and international change makers: people who have made a positive impact through their work and passion. Change makers are leaders; they seize opportunities to improve lives and communities in both large and small ways. We hope that these episodes will educate our listeners and inspire them towards finding opportunities to create positive change.

Latest Episodes

Episode 10 | Sam Calagione

Sam Calgione

Episode 9 features Sam Calagione, one of the keynote speakers from the upcoming 2023 Change Makers Leadership Conference.

Sam Calagione has been focused on brewing beers with culinary ingredients since 1995 when Dogfish Head first opened as the smallest craft brewery in America. Today, Dogfish has grown into a 400+ person company and is one of the most recognized breweries in the country.

Sam’s innovative style and collaborative spirit has earned him a reputation as one of the industry’s most adventurous entrepreneurs and brewers.

Episode 11 | Derreck Kayongo

Derreck Kayongo

With his trademark panache, Derreck Kayongo tells his courageous story of survival, social entrepreneurship, and humanitarianism, and the life lessons he learned along the way.

From Ugandan refugee to successful entrepreneur, CEO, and renowned human rights activist, Derreck’s journey inspires audiences to dream big. Through personable and articulate storytelling, he shares his visionary ideas for harnessing the power of observation and creative problem solving, applicable to any organization or community. It’s all about taking responsibility while looking for opportunities to improve.

Past Episodes

Episode 1

Bryan Terrell Clark

Episode 1 of the Blue Hen Leadership Program’s podcast, Reflection on Change, features the kick-off speaker from the 2020 Change Makers Leadership Conference, Bryan Terrell Clark.

Clark, who has starred in Broadway’s Hamilton, TNT’s Snowpiercer, and Disney’s upcoming Sneakerfella, returns to share his message about embracing change for 2021.

Episode 2

Brendon Ayanbadejo

Episode 2 of Reflection on Change, features Brendon Ayanbadejo. Brendon is a former NFL Pro-Bowl player with the Baltimore Ravens, owner and operator of 20 Orange Theory Fitness franchises, including the highest grossing franchise.

Winner of the Athlete Activist of the Year Award, Brendon has influenced change in civil rights. His outspoken support of same sex marriage, Black Lives Matter and other movements have resulted in his voice inspiring others to take action. In this podcast, Brendon shares stories behind his activism and professional success.

Episode 3

Sierra Ryan Wallick & Jonte Desire

Episode 3 features two outstanding seniors who each are making positive change through their social impact ventures. Each a student in Tier 4 of BHLP, Sierra Ryan Wallick and Jonte Desire started focusing on social change at very young ages.

Sierra, who has been recognized internationally for her work, founded a non-profit at age 10 that has raised over $100,000 for social good. More recently, she started Upcycle Designs, a for-profit social venture that finds creative uses for tossed materials.

Jonte Desire started her non-profit, Native Nourishment, to address issues of food insecurity in Native American populations after spending a summer working on a reservation and witnessing first hand the deep need for access to healthy foods.

Episode 4

Lavar Thomas

This episode features Lavar Thomas, University of Delaware graduate student, entrepreneur and leadership educator. A former Peace Corps volunteer, Lavar has found purpose in creating a global impact to assist individuals in reaching their personal best.

He is an award winning Toastmaster, TEDX speaker and co-founder of Leaders of the Free World, a non-profit helping young black men to have study abroad experiences. Lavar will be presenting a breakout session at this year’s Change Makers Leadership Conference.

Episode 5

Hudson Taylor & Molly Barker

Episode 5 features Hudson Taylor and Molly Barker, two of the keynote speakers from this year’s Change Makers Leadership Conference.

Hudson Taylor is the founder and Executive Director of Athlete Ally, a national nonprofit dedicated to LGBTQI+ inclusion in and through sports.

Molly Barker is an accomplished athlete and social entrepreneur. She is the founder of two rapidly growing nonprofit organizations, Girls on the Run and The Red Boot Way.

Episode 6

Felicia Henry

Episode 6 features Felicia Henry, a PhD Student in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at the University of Delaware.

Felicia is the recipient of the University Unidel Distinguished Graduate Scholar Award and the Unidel Award in Sociology & Criminal Justice, a Bill Anderson Fund Fellow and an Affiliate with the Disaster Research Center.

Episode 7

Kamysha Martin

Episode 7 features Kamysha Martin, owner and metalsmith of Iolah Soul Jewelry.

As a black female entrepreneur and artist, Kamysha shares her challenges and successes in her experiences starting a business. She finds inspiration for her designs in nature and in African culture, and describes her creative process as “organized chaos” in which she breaks all the rules of jewelry making. Enjoy this lively conversation with Kamysha!

Episode 8

Dr. Bertrhude Albert

Dr. Bertrhude Albert is a proud Haitian-American. At the age of 8 she immigrated to the United States from Haiti with her family. Ten years after immigrating, Dr. Albert began her journey to becoming a University of Florida triple Gator. In 2012, Dr. Albert received her BA in English, in 2014 she received her MA in Latin American Studies, and in 2016 she completed her PhD in Agricultural Education and Communication. Throughout her academic journey, Bertrhude received several awards such as UF’s Hall of Fame, UF’s Teaching Assistant of the Year, the International Outreach Award, and more. Her greatest honor however, was co-founding P4H Global.

Dr. Albert currently serves as the CEO of P4H Global. She is committed to seeing Haiti rise to her full potential and destiny through sustainable development and human capacity

Episode 9

TEDxUniversityofDelaware Panel

Have you ever been inspired by a TEDx Talk or thought about standing on that famous red carpet, sharing your own idea worth spreading?

In this episode, four of our recent TEDxUniversityofDelaware speakers, along with their coach, Dr. Cole Galloway, share a bit about what it’s like to prepare to share one of these talks. Each of our speakers also gives you a preview of their topic. All of the TEDxUniversityofDelaware talks can be viewed at the event’s website:

Listen, be inspired and think about submitting your own application for next year’s TEDx event!

Phronesis Podcast

The BHLP Collegiate Leadership Competition Team recently claimed first place in the Gobal CLC Competition, beating out 33 teams from around the world in 4 rounds of problem solving challenges that required application of leadership principles and concepts.

Our team is featured on the Practical Wisdom Phronesis podcast, hosted by Dr. Scott Allen, CCL Director and the Dr. James S. Reid Chair in Management of the Boler College of Business at John Carroll University.

Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders