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Change Makers Conference

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March 1, 2020
Join us for brunch, breakouts, and keynotes!

Be inspired by people who are change-makers to find your own purpose in creating positive change.

WHEN | Sunday, March 1, 2020
TIME | 9:30am (doors open) Conference 10am – 4pm
WHERE | Trabant University Center At University of Delaware

Keynote Speakers




Living Out Loud

Audiences are moved as Nyle discusses and demonstrates the value of non-verbal communication and embracing one’s true identity. As he shares firsthand experiences from his life and career, he piques curiosity among listeners as they gain a deeper understanding of the deaf community. In his powerfully emotive presentations, Nyle reveals his triumphs, challenges, fears and dreams, and encourages others to live their own lives authentically and define their own versions of success. Listeners walk away enlightened and empowered to discount societal pressures, embrace diversity and appreciate and harness personal strengths.




Radical Transformation: Heal and Transform Yourself, and our World

It’s going to take an act of revolutionary change to be able to heal, transform yourself and the world we live in. Your friends might not agree, your family may turn their backs on you. However, you will gain the inspiration you need to radically transform yourself into the higher consciousness that you seek.

Bryan Terrell Clark



Finding Your Purpose: From Baltimore to Broadway’s “Hamilton”

Drawing on real-life lessons from his humble beginnings in Baltimore to his starring career on Broadway – most notably as George Washington in Hamilton: The Musical – Bryan Terrell Clark inspires others to reach their full potential in life while leaving a positive impact on the world. Much like he does with his philanthropic lifestyle brand inDEFINED, Bryan uses exposure to the arts to empower young change-makers to dream big and discover the best version of themselves.

Breakout sessions

Designing Disability

Jaipreet Virdi, Assistant Professor

How can we learn about disability through material culture? In this session, Prof. Virdi will bring a variety of historical disability artifacts to prompt questions and discussions about disability design: can design for disability technologies be improved? What features of technologies are best suitable for users? And how can learning about disability technologies inspire us to think more broadly about universal design?

Design Your Leadership Like an Entrepreneur

Anthony Middlebrooks, Associate Professor

Entrepreneurs maximize success through leadership, while leaders can utilize entrepreneurial tools and mindsets to enhance their performance. An effective entrepreneurial leader sees more opportunity, sees differently to reframe problems, sees more answers to enhance creativity, sees it started and sees it through to implementation. This entrepreneurial mindset model frames numerous applications for leaders and leadership.

YOUth Can Do It

Jonte Desire: Non-Profit Founder, UD Sophomore and Sierra Ryanwallick: Non-Profit Founder, UD Sophomore

Don’t let anyone tell you you are too young to make change. Learn from these two UD students who have each started their own non-profit, how you can implement change around a cause about which you are passionate. Leave this session understanding the steps to launch your own non-profit.

Changing the World through a Year of Service

Tina Morrow, Public Allies Director

Participants will brainstorm a dream job that will encompass their skills, dreams, and resources. They will explore how national and community needs fit into that vision.


Julie Millisky, Program Coordinator, Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance, Rutgers University - Camden

Is feminism a bad word? In what ways do we contribute to our own limitations? Fempowerment is a fun and engaging workshop that explores women in leadership roles and how we can co-create and enable each other to see more and better women leaders. How can we change the world to see more empowered women? This workshop will ask participants to look more closely at how they value themselves as individuals and as leaders. Engaged discussion will be led around how to participate in life more actively and give ourselves permission to own our roles.

Design Thinking for Your Leadership Toolbox

Anthony Middlebrooks, Associate Professor

Why would you want to think like a designer? Shouldn’t you want to think like a leader? You have likely spent some time designing yourself as a leader. Designing beyond yourself requires a more unique set of tools – tools that will facilitate your explorations, help you generate innovative ideas, and generally make you a more creative problem-solver, better decision-maker, and effective leader. Explore the extraordinarily useful tools of design thinking to build your leadership toolbox.

If you can dream it, you can do it

Victim Advocates of Sexual Offense Support (S.O.S.)

S.O.S. provides 24/7 crisis intervention and victim advocacy to the UD community, as well as prevention programs and advocacy regarding victims’ rights and public policy. Advocates are “change makers” for individuals in crisis and in the broader community. Meet a panel of SOS victim advocates at various points in their educational or professional journeys. You will meet a mix including brand new advocates, in the group a year or two, and long-term members who are now professionals in the field of victim advocacy in Delaware. They will talk about what fuels their work as change makers, how and why they found their purpose in volunteering with SOS, how they have or plan to fuse their SOS experience into their future career or life goals, and how you too can be driven by passion and inspiration.

How to SOLVE any problem

Nishant Chintala, Collegiate Leadership Competition Co-Coach and Garrett Currie, Collegiate Leadership Competition Co-Coach

Want to create positive change? Learn the SOLVE methodology (Set roles, Outline the Problem, List Multiple Strategies, Veer into Consensus, and Evaluate the results). This problem solving strategy can be implemented in a multitude of situations and can prove useful especially when facing a problem without an obvious solution. After introducing this concept, presenters will split the participants into teams and then give the teams a timed challenge to see how well they used the SOLVE strategy. After the challenge, the group will reflect and discuss what went well and what could have been improved.

Power of Voting: Creating Change on the Local, State, and Federal Level

Gillian Williams: Co-President of Make It Count, Public Policy Student and Amani Thurman: Co-President of Make It Count, Energy and Environmental Policy Student

“Through this interactive and engaging session, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the power of voting in striving for positive change and creating a more just future. Participants will explore the basics of voting, including a brief history of voting rights, how to register to vote, and how to remain an active voter. Participants will be connected with resources to become educated, passionate, and active voters, using civic engagement as a tool for community change.

The facilitators of this session are founding members and Co-Presidents of Make It Count, a non-partisan, student-led Registered Student Organization at UD focused on civic engagement and voter registration. We challenge apathy and inspire a culture of civic engagement through voter engagement drives, facilitated discourse, and educational programming to create lifelong ambassadors for democratic involvement. Since the organization’s founding in the spring of 2018, we have registered over 3,000 students with TurboVote, a tool to help our peers remain active voters through text and email reminders about upcoming elections and information on absentee ballots.”

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