Blue Hen Leadership Program Tiers

Tier 1

The Emerging Leader

Tier 1 Poster Presentation Examples:

Tier 1, The Emerging Leader is open to all UD students. Participants attend a variety of events (interactive workshops, conferences, guest speakers, cultural events, service initiatives**) focusing on personal leadership development and application of the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership that are the core of The Leadership Challenge model. Participants must participate in a community service experience and attend at least ten workshops or speakers over the course of the academic year. Students in Tier 1 must also attend discussion groups over the course of the academic year – see staff for specific requirements based on your Tier 1 enrollment date.

**Due to COVID restrictions, workshops and events may be offered in a virtual format.


There are required events for all Tier 1 students: Emerging as a Leader, The Leadership Challenge, True Colors, Bringing in the Bystander, a Diversity and Inclusion Credit workshop and a community service event. Students must also complete enough additional workshops to earn 8 total credits. In order to earn the Emerging Leader Certificate of Excellence, students must create and present a poster that is a representation of their leadership journey through Tier 1.

Tier 1 Outcomes:

  • Students will identify a personal set of values as the core of their own authentic leadership and demonstrate an understanding that, as leaders, their actions and values should align.
  • Students will deepen a sense of self-awareness through various assessments and experiential learning opportunities. This consciousness of self will increase their understanding of diverse and inclusive interpersonal relations.
  • Students will increase their understanding of their own identities as a leader and be able to articulate their leadership style.
  • Students will be able to engage with others across differences and commonalities.
  • Students will explain their application of the five practices of exemplary leadership

Poster Presentations:

In order to earn the Emerging Leader Certificate of Excellence, students must create and present a poster that is a representation of their personal Tier 1 journey of self-discovery. In creating your poster, students should draw from the reflections they have written for each of the 10 or more BHLP workshops/programs attended. We are looking for key ideas, evidence of personal growth and increased self-awareness, and illustrations or explanations of what students have learned about themselves and about leadership. Posters are presented in late April.. Further guidance on creating a successful poster can be found in our document library on StUDent Central.

Access BHLP’s calendar on Google Calendar. Find all programs for Tier 1 participants as well as a link to RSVP within each event.

Tier 2

The Engaged Leader

Tier 2 Presentation Example:

Tier 2, The Engaged Leader, is open to all students who have earned a Tier 1 certificate. Students participate in a fall leadership retreat to focus on goals, objectives, team effectiveness and an in-depth study of the principles of The Social Change Model of Leadership, specifically focusing on the group lens. Students are teamed with local businesses and non-profits to accomplish a project under the guidance of the organization. The small groups work together throughout the year completing important projects and engaging in activities in an exploration of the competencies and principles listed below.

Tier 2 Learning Outcomes: Students will:

  • Implement skills and concepts learned through their Tier 1 experience.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of effective collaboration by working on group projects.
  • Identify a shared vision in working successfully towards a group goal.
  • Discuss, provide, and evaluate the value of feedback in working on a group project.
  • Demonstrate their ability to resolve group conflict through an application of their understanding of Strengths and Saboteurs and the Five Dysfunctions of a Team.
  • Apply their knowledge of various leadership roles within a diverse group as they complete a project designed to move a local non-profit closer towards fulfilling its mission.

Tier 2 is an 8-month program that runs from September through April, including a weekend-long retreat in September.

Tier 3

BHLP Community Fellows

Tier 3 Presentation Example:

In Tier 3, BHLP Community Fellows students will continue their focus on community leadership and engaged citizenship as BHLP Community Fellows. Participants in Tier 3 will learn what it means to be an engaged citizen and experience the connection between social innovation and leadership. They will accomplish this learning outcome by working closely with a local non-profit in order to gain an understanding of the structure, finances, operation, and challenges of the agency and then design, develop, implement, and assess an innovative project that benefits the agency by furthering its mission. Students eligible for Tier 3 earn academic credit for participation as a Community Fellow. Interested students should see Susan Luchey for information and instructor permission.

Tier 3 Outcomes, students will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the social sector through a SWOT analysis of a non-profit partner.
  • Demonstrate the importance of using innovation and theory to incrementally solve social problems in our culture.
  • Understand the value of social responsibility and creating change effectively.
  • Develop skills to research information effectively, synthesize and analyze information for a more thorough understanding of a social issue.
  • Gain a practical understanding of the citizenship lens of the Social Change Model.
  • Analyze the challenges facing non-profit organizations.
  • Understand the connection between leadership identity and service to the community.
  • Apply concepts involved in social entrepreneurship through project development.
  • Develop a vision effectively and articulate goals to achieve that vision successfully.
  • Design and implement a project that effectively benefits the agency and the community it serves and results in meaningful and measurable change.
  • Understand the importance of assessment and conduct an assessment to determine the success and sustainability of their project.
  • Articulate their experiences in the program and pitch their project to BHLP staff and community partners.

The BHLP Community Fellows work for a full academic year on their project.

Tier 4

The Established Leader

Tier 4 E-Portfolio Examples:

Tier 4, The Established Leader, is open to any student who has earned a certificate for completion of Tier 3. This final tier serves as a capstone experience, providing students an opportunity to prepare for transition into life after UD, and also to provide opportunities to share their leadership experience and knowledge with BHLP participants in other tiers.

Students in Tier 4 will create a leadership portfolio, documenting their work, skills and outcomes gained during their four years in BHLP, and at the University.

Finally, Tier 4 participants will engage in a variety of workshops and seminars aimed at their transition out of the university and into the next phase of life.

Tier 4 outcomes, students will:

  • Synthesize their 4 years of leadership experiences into the creation and articulation of a reflective portfolio.
  • Identify personal outcomes gained through four years of leadership development
  • Articulate anticipated use of personal and professional outcomes in future endeavors.
  • Develop a set of skills related to life after UD.

Access BHLP’s calendar on Google Calendar. Find all programs for Tier 4 participants as well as a link to RSVP within each event.

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