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Welcome to BHLP Connect! This page gives you an opportunity to engage in additional opportunities for leadership development that may also earn you some Tier 1 credits.

If you have any questions please contact
one of our staff:

Julie Millisky, Program Coordinator
Matthew Creasy, Assistant Director
Susan Luchey, Associate Director for any/all inquiries

Required Workshops

If you still need any of the required workshops, please email immediately. 

This quick module will prepare you for the mission statement that you are required to include on your poster for BHLP Completion.
While this video does not carry additional workshop credit, it is highly recommended for every students completing BHLP Tier 1.

Mission Statement Workshop

Susan Luchey, associate director of Student Centers for Student Leadership Development, leads this workshop on the importance of mission and vision statements. Susan will guide you in crafting your own personal mission statements to help guide your actions and focus on your goals.

service Information

We recommend that you consider virtual service opportunities which can be completed at any time and from wherever you are located.

Remember that you must fill out the service verification form to earn your credit.

Diversity & Inclusion

Any of the following videos or podcasts will earn you the diversity and inclusion credit for BHLP Tier 1 after you have submitted the workshop verification form. You can also use these videos or podcasts as additional general credits if you have already completed your diversity and inclusion credit. 


Everyday Diversity,
Presented by Justin Jones Fosu

The big buzz word going around today is Diversity and quickly followed by Inclusion. How do you feel about it? Really, when you first hear or see the word “Diversity” what emotions and thoughts does it bring to your mind? Diversity speaker Justin Jones Fosu found that in his audiences there are several different thoughts and reactions. Some people love it, and some people hate it. Some people feel positive thoughts and other dreadful ones. Some people feel like it helps them and others feel like it puts them at a disadvantage. Jones says that we may have been wrongly defining Diversity in the first place and that EVERYONE benefits from it when it’s viewed the right way? Jones believes that we have to move the conversation from where it’s been (THE Head) to where it should be (THE HEART).

Reflection on Change Podcast, Episode 1
by Bryan Terrell Clark

Tune in to Episode 1 of the Blue Hen Leadership Program’s podcast, Reflection on Change, featuring the kick-off speaker from last year’s Change Makers Leadership Conference, Bryan Terrell Clark.

Clark, who has starred in Broadway’s Hamilton, TNT’s Snowpiercer, and Disney’s upcoming Sneakerfella, returns to share his message about embracing change for 2021.

Reflection on Change Podcast, Episode 2
by Brendon Ayanbadejo

Tune in to episode 2 of Blue Hen Leadership Program’s podcast, Reflection on Change, featuring Superbowl champion, successful entrepreneur, and social activist, Brendon Ayanbadejo.

General Credits

 Any of the following videos will earn you general credits for BHLP Tier 1 after you have submitted the workshop verification form.   


Growth Mindset

Grab your quarantine buddy or go it along with a pen or pencil as you hear how to become an “artist of the mind”. In this workshop you’ll learn about how developing a growth mindset for yourself and for your team will open new doors to opportunity, self confidence and success.

Presented by: Matt Selba, BHLP alumni and high school math teacher

Accountability in Organizations

We all live and work within organizations, and hopefully we all strive for those organizations to be healthy ones.  As we look at our involvement and our leadership in organizations, do you know the difference between responsibility and accountability?  How can we as leaders create a culture that makes followers and members strive for accountability?  This workshop will examine these questions and more!

How to Sound Smart in Presentations

This workshop will give actionable ways to present like a pro! Based on a TEDx Talk, this workshop shows foolproof presentation skills to make you sound brilliant – even if you are literally saying nothing. Lindsay Marrione, a BHLP Tier 3 student, will share tips for success to build your confidence and public speaking skills!

Core Concepts for
Meaningful Conversations

Based on Dr. Maura Cullen’s book, “35 Dumb Things Well-Intentioned People Say,” this brief workshop presents 10 common uses of language, that while typically well-intentioned, are actually statements of bias, prejudice or cultural appropriation. The workshop aims to increase awareness of how we use language so that we are intentional about things we should not say.

Presented by Susan Luchey, Associate Director, University Student Centers

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