2019-2020 academic tutors are as follows:

Email Ms. T to setup tutoring for your scholar: Nafatari@udel.edu

  • Ms. Yanet Carter-English/History

  • Abdul Musa-English/Psychology

  • Mr. Neil Patel-Math

  • Mr. Jeff Elisca-Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science: 

  • Ms. Darea Maxion-Math/Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Anatomy & Physiology

  • Mr. Corey Chandler-Spanish and French


We are excited to offer ALL UBC Scholars on campus Tutoring Sessions at the University of Delaware. 

UBC Scholars, if you are looking to ensure your grades stay above a C-average or have a 2.5 GPA or lower, then tutoring is the only way to ensure you are studying properly and on track for higher grades on all assessments.

  • Face to Face/Group tutoring is available on campus Tuesday and Thursday 6pm-8pm in Purnell 233 B.
  • Tutors will be available to help with homework, test preparation and concept understanding.
  • New laptops are always available for student use at every session
  • Seniors may use these days for scholarship essays, college applications, SAT Prep and more
  • You may also contact our tutors during these times for assistance through video conferencing or e-mail as well.

What UBC Parents need to know:

  • Our tutors will reach out to parents and students directly to confirm the subject(s) and time of the tutoring session. By email and/or text.
  • Our tutors will send you a summary of how each session went. This is important in case your student needs more assistance from the teacher or there are things they need to work on independently.
  • If you are below at or below a 2.5 gpa Tutoring is mandatory until you are above a 2.5 gpa.
  • Please make sure you come to each session with WORK, NOTES, QUESTIONS and TOPICS. Through the apps we are using you will be able to send pics of work or text the work to our tutors.
  • Language will only improve through conversation and practice.
  • Do not be scared to ask for help, we have all been in a space where “we just didn’t get it”, but we have a way of explaining things, so that you will understand it.