Upward Bound Classic Invites UB Scholars to attend a campus visit to Rutgers University on, Friday, November 18th. Breakfast & Lunch will be provided by Rutgers University.

This campus visit is an opportunity for students to:

  1. Find out about Rutgers–Camden offerings during the student activities and information fair.
  2. Meet our students and ask them questions at the student panel.
  3. Hear from our faculty about the many academic opportunities and advantages during breakout sessions.
  4. Get the inside scoop on admissions and the financial aid process.
  5. Explore our beautiful 40-acre campus in the heart of the Camden Waterfront on a student-led tour.
  6. Discover for yourself what an amazing place Rutgers–Camden is.

There is no charge to attend the campus visit, however, seats are limited to 14 students. This is a first come, first serve arrangement with upperclassman students receiving first priority. Get your paperwork in ASAP to reserve your spot.

Dress Code:
Students should dress in school appropriate attire. Business Casual is recommended; no hats, sandals, leggings, sweatpants or sweatshirts. You are representing the Upward Bound Classic and yourself as a future college scholar.

Drop off/Pick up:
Students should be dropped off out front of the UD Trabant parking garage by 7:30am. Students should be picked up at 3:30pm from the UD Trabant parking garage at 3:30pm.


The permission slip for your child to attend this event is below, along with information regarding the trip. Seats are LIMITED and will be filled on a first come first serve basis with upperclassmen getting first priority. If you would like your child to attend, please print off the permission slip and fax/email/or mail the form back to our office prior to November 8th

We will send a verification e-mail out to all parents and students on November 9th to let them know if their child has been selected to attend. If your child is selected to attend, the Upward Bound Staff expects that students will speak with their teachers prior to the 18th to collect their assignments that they will miss that day.

Failure to make up assignments will limit your child’s invitation on future trips that fall during the school day.