How to: Coursepack Reproduction Procedures

  1. Non-Copyright and Copyright Coursepacks

    1. University Printing receives coursepacks for reproduction from the faculty member or department. The faculty member or department completes a University Printing Work Request Form.

      1. University Printing logs in the Work Request Form. The quantity to be printed is determined from purchase orders received from subscribing retailers. If a coursepack is not listed on the purchase order (to verify that the retailers are aware that a coursepack exists) the retailer may be notified of the coursepacks existence either by fax or by phone.

    2. Number of Copies Reproduced
      Subscribing retailers, who have received the coursepack adoption information from the University Bookstore, contact University Printing and order copies of specific coursepacks they want to sell in their stores. This is in addition to copies reproduced for the University Bookstore.
      University Printing will reproduce and distribute coursepacks to all subscribing retailers. Copies will be distributed based on the date University Printing receives the request. The number of copies reproduced typically will not exceed the number of students enrolled in the class. If enrollment has been met and a retailer orders additional copies, the retailer will be notified that sufficient copies have been reproduced. If the retailer still wants to place an order, it will be filled with the understanding that no returns will be accepted for this additional quantity.
      After University Printing determines the quantity for printing from enrollments and retailer orders, the coursepack is reproduced per the instructions of the faculty member or department.

      1. University Printing will return originals and any desk copies to the faculty member or department.
      2. Reproduced coursepacks are picked up by retailers.

    3. Returns
      University Printing will accept returns of all unsold coursepacks and will refund reproduction costs only on up to ten (10) percent of the original order of each individual coursepack, if there has not been a reorder. In the event of a reorder, University Printing will refund ten percent of the reorder (reproduction cost only). For orders exceeding enrollment numbers or orders placed after the return date, no reproduction cost refunds will be given on said quantity. University Printing will attempt to have the copyright clearance fee waived on all returned copyright materials. Should the publisher/copyright holder not waive the copyright clearance fee on the returns, the University Bookstore or subscribing retailer will be responsible for that charge.
      University Printing will notify retailers two weeks in advance of the date that all coursepacks must be returned to University Printing.

  2. Coursepacks Requiring Copyright Clearance
    University Printing is responsible for obtaining copyright clearances on all coursepacks it reproduces (see Copyright Clearance Procedures).

    1. If a problem occurs during the copyright clearance process, University Printing will inform the faculty member or department.
    2. If a faculty member or department indicates that they have received copyright clearance for a coursepack, a copy of the clearance must accompany the material before it is reproduced.
    3. Once copyright clearance has been received, coursepacks are reproduced according to the faculty member or department’s instructions. Quantities are based on enrollments and retailer orders.
    4. Copyright fees are added to the reproduction costs.
    5. After reproduction University Printing will return the original and any requested desk copies (at no charge) to the faculty member or department.
    6. Subscribing retailers who have received the coursepack adoption information from the University Bookstore should contact University Printing and order copies of specific coursepacks they want to sell in their stores. University Printing requests copyright clearance for the total number of requests from the subscribing retailers and the University Bookstore.

  3. Reorders
    All retailers must contact University Printing directly for reorders by fax, e-mail, or phone.
  4. Copyright Clearance Obtained by Departments
    Faculty members or departments occasionally have cleared copyrighted materials included in their coursepacks. These materials are accompanied by a letter from the publisher or copyright holder with permission to copy. This permission letter is to be kept on file in the University Printing office. The faculty member or department will inform University Printing if there are copyright fees to be included in the reproduction costs. Since the faculty member or department has requested permission for a specified number of coursepacks, there can be no coursepacks reproduced beyond that quantity without approval of faculty or department.

    updated August 2009