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Welcome to Understanding Delaware Agriculture

Dear University of Delaware Students enrolled in PLSC 167,

Welcome to the Fall 2014 Semester and the inaugural offering of PLSC 167, Understanding Delaware Agriculture, taught by Dr. Mark Isaacs.

We encourage you to use this platform to share your discoveries of Delaware agriculture as you progress through this course.

Your are invited to share photographs with captions, reflections, thoughtful comments, questions and topics of interest.

You are encouraged to share video of your discoveries about Delaware agriculture, to comment on your classmate or professor’s posts and share anything you think might be of interest to others.

You may wish to reproduce your composition book journal entries into a blog post. Whatever you contribute, please select a category for your post – choices will appear on the right side of the post editor when you sign in.  If you don’t see a category, suggest one and we will add it! Feel free to add keyword tags (optional).

We hope you share your posts and those of your classmates on social media! Please use hashtags #FarmDE and #UDel if possible!

Express yourself and have fun!

If you are not familiar with WordPress, please direct any “How do I…? ” questions to Michele Walfred.

A sample post might look something like this:

As I was driving to class this morning it was very foggy and I thought this was an interesting shot of watermelons in the field as the fog began to lift. Delaware and Indiana are the two highest producing states for watermelon crops in the northern U.S.

Photo by Lori Ockels
Photo by Lori Ockels