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Mrs. Michele Guest Lecture

Mrs. Michele delivered a helpful guest lecture about social media, developing a brand, and spotting fake news online. Of particular interest to me were her ideas on the potential uses of social media, and how it can tie in with a professional career. I agree with her about having a public, professional social media page for prospective employers to view, as well as a private page for friends to view. I also concurred with her assessment that not having social media or a presence online can be detrimental.

Her emphasis on the importance of developing a trustworthy and positive brand was also interesting to me. I agree that developing a positive brand that employers can take not of is essential to a professional career. Likewise, a negative image is likely to be looked down upon. Thus, it is essential to maintain a positive and professional brand, especially on social media.

Guest Lecture 2

On Wednesday, September 11th, Ms. Michelle gave us a guest lecture about social media and your personal brand. She talked about how we should always be careful about what we post online and that we should start to create a name for ourselves online. Twitter is a very popular site used for branding, especially in the agriculture business. 

My parents have always been very cautious of my social media presence. They didn’t let me get a social media account until I was in high school. They were always a little worried that I might abuse social media. I am actually glad that I didn’t have it until high school because it taught me to have more focus elsewhere. 

I am always very cautious about having a public online presence. It makes me feel a bit more comfortable by having my accounts private. I can choose who I want to view my content. I am very careful with what I post and how much I post. I make sure to only show the good parts of my life, to create a better online presence. I think everyone should be careful what they post, it could come back to bite them later. 

Guest Speaker Mrs.Michele

This guest lecture put a fire under me when I left class I was in a very good mood and felt like I could do anything. I went to work right after class and immediately started to do so I’ve been getting more done then I ever have been. I’ve been looking at working as a way to brand myself better so that way when a future employer calls my current employer I will get nothing but positive comments. I will soon also be making a linkedin and a personal branding instagram. I’ve been wanting to do a instagram account like this where I share my gardening achievements and the different stuff Im trying out in my garden. I also had no clue what linkedin was so I’m glad Mrs.Michele  gave us a brief overview of that it truly sounds like that will be very helpful in finding jobs in the field I want. I am not on twitter at all but I will also look more into that for the future. This whole presentations was amazing thank you so much Mrs.Michele

Professional Social Media

Michele Walfred talked to the class about professionalism and how to build a positive “brand” for yourself on social media. To help us understand our impressions, she showed us pictures of several well-known logos, company names, and people and asked us to say what our first thoughts were. Some were good, some were bad. Walfred then gave us some tips on how to build an image of ourselves so the first thing people think about when they see our face or hear our name it is positive. She told us to be consistent and have the same professional profile picture across our public social media accounts, so people know it is the same person when looking us up. Anything non-professional needs to go on a separate, private account. She also strongly suggested that we leave out anything that could cause polarized opinions such as anything political or religious. Someone looking to hire you wants to know you can be trusted and responsible.

Ms. Michele WALFRED on Professional Leadership for Agriculture in the Social Media Era

On September 11, 2019 Ms. Michele Walfred spoke to us about managing social media.  She began with a bit of history about herself and her educational background. She was also a UD alum who wanted to major in art but switched to creative writing because the writing classes were offered later in the day and she felt she would be able to sleep.

Through a series of events that occurred while she was pursuing her education, she ended up altering her plans once again, pursuing a ‘real job’ instead of the Bohemian-style artist life she had envisioned.  She ended up at the UD Agricultural Extension office with no what the 4H program was, believing she might be working with children or seeing eye dogs.  She managed to land a position and earned her Associates and Masters, but along the way she stated, she always tried to take jobs for, ‘what she wanted to do, not what she was good at.’

It was at this point she mentioned Professor Isaacs, a professor who recognized her strengths and directed or recommended her to tasks accordingly.  Ms. Walfred also took the opportunity to go to weekend and evening events on her own volition, looking to increase her skills whenever possible.

After the brief bio, Ms. Walfred showed the class screenshots of the homepages of three of her own websites on different platforms. She noted that across all platforms, her image or headshot was the same.  She recommend we all try something similar to ‘brand ourselves’, expressing creativity through banners, but keeping our message clear on our own ‘search-able’ public sites.  She recommended any potentially controversial images or writings go on separate private accounts, but reminded us that the internet is forever and we must behave and conduct ourselves in a professional manner when putting information and images out into the great wide Web.

Ms. Walfred also stated that complete absence of any digital platform can hurt and then championed Twitter as the platform of choice. She told us that by sharing on our social media we can also champion causes and issues that we care about- an example she used was an article about the highest U.S. suicide rates occurring among veterinarians.  She then showed us a YouTube clip from a movie called, ‘A Bronx Tale’to illustrate a point about how all the ‘little’ actions matter and first impressions count.

Ms. Walfredconcluded by telling us how important social media can be for us in agriculture and to agriculture in general.  First, she stressed the importance of being an, ‘Ag-vocate’ helping the environment in different ways, such as participating in, ‘Meatless Mondays’.  She also mentioned ‘Delaware Ag Week’ and the impressive salaries of Social Media Managers at around ≈$75, 000.  She also touched on the controversy that farmers often face- citing back to Ms. Cartanza’s presentation, namely the damage farming causes to the environment.  A crowd of young males with SmartPhones will not post to their social media about how they are actively learning how not to pollute, the very thing a consumer might accuse them of.

Ms. Walfred ended on a quote that essentially said, ‘“To tell someone they’re wrong, 1st tell them how they’re right” – Blaise Pacal (Paraphrase)’She encourage us to stand up to mis-information while combatting misinformation with facts.

Making Social Media Work for your Career-Brand and Agriculture

On September 12th, 2018 Michele Walfred came in and gave a lecture on Social media. The benefits that us as young adults can use it to help brand ourselves to make us look better to the company that wants to hopefully hire us. At first she began to explain to us about her and who she is, She has a BA, in Journalism with a MA, Digital Humanities. She also an administrator on several platforms from UDCANR to the MidAtlantic  Woman in Agriculture.  The thing I took away from here lecture was watch what you post about yourself and what your doing in that because it can effect your hiring process. Because if it shows that your bashing the company your working for does that make it look good for your next job when they pull that up. Also put only what you want to show how you “Brand” your self because if you have a embarrassing post as your wallpaper that’s what people are going to think about you. That post will follow you around for the rest of your life as well since its in your digital footprint. By doing these small things it will bring a better formal look on you instead of having bad things that can restrict the ways people look at you.

Making Social Media Work for your Career Brand and Agriculture with Guest Speaker Michele Walfred

On September 12th Michele Walfred  came the University of Delaware as a guest speaker for the  AGRI130 class. She discussed the importance of media and it can control what career you end up having. Michele started off by giving a brief background of her career. She has a BA in Journalism and a MA in Digital Humanities. Michele is the administrator on multiple platforms for UDCANR, MidAtlantic Women in Agriculture, and Delaware Press Association to name a few. After she gave her background she described our social media as our brand. Most of the individuals she was talking to were young adults about to apply for the first professional job and/or career. She explained that we should all being trying to brand ourselves with something we are passionate about and want to make a career out of. She also told us that we should should be consistent in the language we use as well as the types of photos, messages, and anything we put out on social media. I was really fascinated with all the different aspects of creating a social media brand that Michele provided. I cant wait to make my own brand in the near future.

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Today social media is involved in everyone’s life from the business world to recreational use, everyone is using it in some form another. Though with all trends there are always negative impacts that need to be considered and understood with social media. Michele Walfred a well known Communication Specialist and Agriculture agvocate gave our class a presentation on social media and how we need to be aware of all its impacts because just one post can make you go from company CEO to unemployed. During her presentation a concept that really stood out to me was having two accounts with one not being linked to your name and having one that is professional. This way when applying for jobs an employer will only be able to see your professional account and will not find anything that influences them to not hire you. Another point that Michele made was post things or share things on your account that relate to your job interest and explain what is going on in the post especially if you are a part of the agriculture community because there is a lot of misunderstood information that can easily be cleared up with some explanation.

Social Media in Today’s Ag – Michele Walfred

It was very cool to listen to Michele guest lecture about her path to where she is now, and how she has used social media/branding to get there. It was very intriguing to hear how she went from having no agriculture background at all, to now being such a crucial part of agvocay. I learned a lot about how to conduct yourself on social media for branding and professional purposes, rather then a true social interactions with your friends. As I learned, Michele is such a good example of that as she has been able to be apart of many events due to her presence on social media in the agricultural world. On the other hand, I was not surprised that educating consumers about agricultural is a crucial part of being on social media. I am always surprised by the amount of “fake news” out there about agriculture, and this was something Michele touched on as well. Overall, it was super beneficial to listen to information like this as a college student who is planning on being involved in agriculture post-graduation, specifically a farmer. Social media is such a beneficial form of communication if used correctly.

Guest lecture about social media

I have not had a formal lecture to learn about social media. This lecture is unique for me because i have learn so many useful knowledge about social media for my daily life. She mentioned never use your real name for your informal social media because it may affect the application of a job. It is the first time to know companies may search your name online to check what kind of person you are. In people’s private life, they are relaxed so they may post what they did not think overhead in their social media. Many people do not pay attention to it. Now I know it is important to pay attention to. what is more, she helps me to understand the necessity of having a formal and clean (same theme) page on social media. It would help me to show company about myself and it is also a self-learning process.


Michele Walfred’s Lecture on Social Media

Social media is a big part of our generation now that not many people realize that it is not only used for fun, it is being used professionally to brand yourself for future employment. Not only do employers look at your resume but since social media is used so frequently now, they look at how you portray yourself with anything you post on any platforms. Say you have a picture on social media with an alcoholic beverage and you are equal in academic performance with another person who posts pictures about volunteering at a children’s hospital. The company you are applying to would much rather take a chance on someone posting pictures about volunteering rather than someone partying every day. I like how Michelle put up a picture of Tom Brady and said, what do you think of this? It makes you think about how image means everything and if you ever get a bad image, it is hard for people to forget it. Michelle said to always make sure your social media is consistent and anything not appropriate is not attached to your real name that employers could potentially see when they google you before you are interviewed.

Guest Lecture: Michele Walfred

I enjoyed Michele’s guest lecture about social media. At first, I was somewhat skeptical because of how she talked down social media. She explained how people use it to update others about their day-to-day lives and actions, and how it is somewhat overkill. However, I think that is what the entire platform of social media is for. It is to stay connected to those who you cannot talk to every day face to face. However, I thoroughly enjoyed where the lecture went! Michelle explained how you can utilize social media in a positive light. She said how you can use it professionally, and how you can shine light on common misconceptions, and fake news. You can use your social media accounts for more then just every day updates; you can use it to educate those who do not have access to university information and knowledge. Education is the first step for change. There is so much fake news and science nonbelievers especially in the realm of agriculture. Instead of complaining or being unprofessional on social media when addressing these issues, you can use your platform to educate those and provide credible resources with real science and news. Social media can be positive, it just depends on how you decide to use it!

Making Social Media Work for Agriculture, your Career and Brand

Michele Walfred, one of the professors for this course, gave a lecture about social media. In an ag class??? Yes! We learned a lot of important information about self-branding that will really help with our careers in the future, and some background information about social media platforms in general. We were given some examples about posts that would look bad when a future employer looked you up, and how to have a professional profile. My favorite part was when it came to teaching us how to AGvocate. I have been told about this before, having taken many agriculture classes, but it was especially important in the context of social media. Most fake news about agriculture is seen on social media, so being able to respond responsibly to it and give people our side of the story will really help in opening the world’s eyes to how important agriculture really is.

Guest Lecture: Michele Walfred

On September 13th, our class received a guest lecture from Michele Walfred about social media and creating our brand. In today’s age where everything and everyone is online, social media is becoming increasingly more important. Many businesses have social media accounts, and will do background check on a potential employee’s social media profiles before making hiring decisions. For example, if you often post on your Facebook about how much you dislike your job, your coworkers, etc., many employers are going to be less likely to hire you because it comes off as unprofessional. Some of the most important things you can do to build and maintain your personal brand are to be consistent (consistent pictures, descriptions, contact information, etc.), staying professional with good oral and written communication skills, having a professional e-mail address, and to always keep in mind that people you interact with, either professionally or personally, can see what you do online and can form judgements based on that information. It is also important to do your “due diligence,” in fact-checking articles before posting them, avoiding drama, thinking before you send, and various other actions. Lastly, and what I think is most important, is always taking an opportunity to teach someone. Whether someone has misperceptions about agricultural practices, are sharing false information, or just giving general information to someone who isn’t as knowledgeable about a subject as you are, teaching others is one of the most impactful things you can do in your life.

Social Media

Today’s society depends on and uses technology, especially social media, more than ever before. Some may say even especially in college students. I can admit that I am guilty of sometimes being too wrapped up in my phone and social sites. Therefore, I appreciated Mrs. Walfred’s lecture about social media and its potentially effects on our careers and futures in general. The ease and efficiency of having everything at our fingertips, and being able to post in the blink of an eye makes it simple to upload or post without thoroughly thinking through what the post may actually say about ourselves. Through social media, we create a brand for ourselves that speaks about our ideas, morals, and values before we may even get a chance to say a word. Thanks to Mrs. Walfred’s lecture, the rumors of potential employers checking my social media sites have been confirmed, and I know to keep everything connected to my real, full name professional and consistent. Additionally, which I was unaware of, it is possible to rebuild your brand! Of course when we are younger, the future seems like lightyears away, and we may not consider employers when we are posting a crazy story or picture. However, through blogging, educated commenting, and editing of privacy settings, we can rebuild ourselves online to be the great employee we know we are. Mrs. Walfred’s lecture was helpful and informative, especially at this stage in my life, and I think more college students or even high school students should be made aware of their image.