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Research Leads to New Discoveries

Just like every other industry, research allows scientists to learn new discoveries. In the past decade think of everything that has improved; your phone, car, house, medicine, the list goes on and on. One things that has improved tremendously in the past decade is agriculture. From our seeds, pesticides, animal genetics and even equipment. At the University of Delaware Newark Research Farm, I was able to learn and understand some current research to benefit our future.

In the dairy industry, different cows are receiving different feeds. They record how much they eat each day and how much milk they produce. By this study we are able to learn what to feed our cows to keep them healthy, to continue to produce milk. This milk is used for consumption, ice cream, cheese and much more. This was Mr. Hopkins most exciting research because he is able to see a direct effect, whereas other research projects take time.

In the poultry industry, research of vaccines is being done non-stop. This is because chicken reproduce so quickly, they can become immune to the vaccines. Therefore, we have to stay ahead of the game. Poultry receives vaccines just like humans do, to stay healthy and stay away from harsh sickness.  

Now, there was a lot of other research being done; from crops, to bees, to greenhouses and everywhere in between. But, these two projects stood out to me. As a consumer, I know it sounds scary to hear that they are doing research, but keep in mind the amount of research being done for ourselves. Research on medications to everyday needs that we have, research is required to understand how and why things work before they affect us because research allows for new discoveries.