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The GMO Controversy

When Mark Lynas heard of GMOs he immediately chose to oppose them without any reason other than he knew nothing about them. After he began to do his research he soon realized that he was on the wrong side. At the beginning of his speech, Lynas apologies for his ignorance of GMOs, making assumptions based on listening to only what he had heard instead of what scientific experiments had found.

As we know, the population is rising significantly, and in time we will not be able to produce enough food to feed the population. In his speech he explains that these GMOs produce bigger yields in smaller acres of land. They’re the solution to feeding the growing population. Duplicated scientific experiments prove that consuming GMOs or animals eat GM feed is not harmful to humans, yet people continue to believe otherwise. Lynas stated that people that are dying from malnutrition of having an “organic” diet would be in better health if were eating GMOs. GM foods have the potential to save millions of lives, but the technology is being held back. (i.e. countries that have banned GMOs)

Response to “The GMO Controversy”

What do you think of his position?

I agree with his position completely. I believe that people who are lucky enough to be able to choose to not eat GMOs have the right to choose, but they shouldn’t stand in the way of people who need GM crops from getting them. Like he said, the population by 2050 cannot be sustained on organic farming and GM crops are absolutely necessary for feeding the growing population.

Does he make a case for his change of heart and the way he now views GMOs?

I felt like he could’ve explained his change of heart more. The statistics he explained were worthwhile and convincing of the point that GM crops are not bad for us and will actually provide the much needed support for our growing population. But, I don’t think he went into enough depth of why and how he had a change of heart. Just saying that someone commented on his post and it made him go research isn’t enough evidence to make him truly look distinguished and to convince nay-Sayers that he truly has changed his opinion and isn’t just getting paid to support GM producing corporations.

Mark Lynas and the GMO Movement

In 2013, Mark Lynas, a writer and activist gave a speech at the Oxford Farming Conference and was exceedingly open about how his view on GMO crops had drastically changed. He spoke about how his anti-GMO stand boiled down to a lack of education on the subject, stating directly that he, “had done no academic research on the topic, and had a pretty limited personal understanding.” So basically in the 1990’s when he was advocating against GMO’s he was flying by the seat of his pants, but mid 2000’s he started doing some reading, and found out many of the things he had believed were in fact false and backed up by facts and research. Within his speech Lynas makes some great points about how important GMO’s are, that they are basically needed to keep crop yield high enough to support the growing population.

I think that is was very big of Lynas to not only admit that he has had a change of heart, but also to do it so publicly. He apologizes for his actions, but is not necessarily ashamed of them, it shows that peoples minds do change and it’s a socially okay thing. After addressing why his change of heart occurred he continues to beef up the argument for the use of GMO’s in our society. How there are a major number of benefits and few cons to GMO’s that people aren’t often aware of, or completely educated about, emphasizing that there is no real reason GMO’s should be banned.

The GMO Controversy

In the video, “The GMO Controversy,” Mark Lynas, an environmentalist and author, talks about his change of heart for GMO’s.  He was the founder of Europe’s anti-GMO movement and apologized for spreading false information about genetically modified organisms.  When he originally heard about Monsanto’s GM soya, he thought they were experimenting with our food and mixing genes that were not supposed to be mixed.  GMO’s were banned in Europe and other countries because of his movement.  The anti-GMO movement was the most successful campaign he has ever been a part of but it was for the wrong reasons.  It is an anti-science movement and that is why he regrets it.

GMO’s actually add to our economy and environment.  Our population is growing and if it were not for genetically modified organisms, we would not be able to feed the population.  Yield is one of the most important factors in agriculture and sustainably feeding the world.  GMO’s produce higher yield due to the use of technology.

I found it very interesting that he would support the anti-GMO movement for so many years being an environmentalist.  It is crazy that this movement had such an impact on people and still does today.  There are many people who are too quick to listen to what they hear from other people and read on the internet, without actually checking if the information is factual.  Mark Lynas mentioned that if it were not for the increase in the use of technology, we would no longer have the Amazon Rainforest or tigers in India.  The population is growing so much that if we did not have the technology that we have today, we would need a lot more land to grow food for everyone.  Mark Lynas makes a strong case for his change of heart for GMO’s.

GMO Controversy

In the video Mark Lynas first believed that genetically modified organisms were horrible, that they were a disgrace to science. Lynas would talk about the effects of GMOs, even though he didn’t know much about GMO’s at all. When Lynas actually dug into information on GMO’s , he discovered that Genetically modified organisms are actually very beneficial. He states that talking bad about GMO’s was ignorant on his part. Lynas quickly admitted that after researching GMO’s he takes back his original statement on GMO’s.

Mark Lynas goes on to say that GMOs are great because they only transfer necessary genes from one crop to another in fewer steps, they provide more accuracy and precision to farming, they keep costs low for producer and consumers, as well as higher yields. He also goes on to say that GMO’s reduce the use of pesticides. Lynas says that using GMO crops is a responsible way to feed the globe as a whole. The world is growing more and more everyday and GMO’s are a great way to keep up with the growing population. GMO’s bring with it maximized crop yields, also helping the growing population. He states that with the Problem of limited resources and limited amount of land GMO’s are a very practical way to feed the globe.

I support the new statement made by Lynas. GMO’s are great. The problem is that media is exposing GMO’s as bad. People don’t want to investigate GMO’s on their own, they would rather listen to the media that displays the GMO’s as bad to get a reaction, rather then real scientific facts. One statement I do love is Lynas says no matter what people have the right to believe in GMO’s or not. But like Lynas I also believe in GMO’s and think they’re a great advancement and perfect way to feed the growing population.