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Georgie Cartanza – The Evolution of the Poultry Industry on Delmarva

I always knew that the poultry industry was prominent in Delaware but I was unaware of the impact it has on feeding the east coast. Georgie was really great at explaining how it evolved and grew over time as well as stressing that everything that is done to keep the poultry process smooth moving and safe for consumers, farmers and chickens. I found the evolution of the chickens themselves to be most interesting. The fact that the birds look so different without the help of hormones and steroids is truly fascinating. It did take fifty years with a ton of improvements in genetics, nutrition, housing and technology but the poultry industry has come a long way. I also was happy to hear that the industry is conscious about the environment and that they are making changes in their practices to include things such as vegetative buffers and putting concrete pads near the entrances to help prevent ground leaching. I look forward to learning more about the poultry  industry and our field trip this week.

Switching Sides

As an environmentalist, Mark Lynas assumed he should be against genetically modified organisms, GMOs, because of course, the environment is natural and nothing about the term “genetically modified” really screams “natural.” However, with more research he realized that these genetically modified products are more in favor of the environment than he realized, and therefore he began to accept and fight for their use. I really appreciated listening to Mr. Lynas’ speech because it brought the science out in front of the understandingly intimidating name. I think a lot of people get hung up on the terminology of GMOs, and that prevents them from educating themselves further on the topic.

The analogy that Mr. Lynas’ drew between supporting the idea of climate change and supporting the idea of genetic modifications is really important. One cannot believe in science in some aspects, yet denounce it in others. Many people are starting to agree that science supports climate change, and that we, as a society, should recognize it as real. However, science also supports the benefits of genetic modifications, yet not as many people are willing to agree. The increased yields, the ability to apply less pesticides, and the ability to withstand environmental effects such as droughts are proven benefits of GMOs that research has supported. ¬†Because he believed in climate change and supported it so passionately, Mr. Lynas’ knew he needed to give the same effort to his opinion about GMOs. Upon doing so, he realized he was misinformed and changed his opinion, which I believe was justified.

Mr. Lynas may have been a bit blunt in his discussion, but I do think that his points were well supported and are needed as an educational tool. Surely, if one were looking for information to form an opinion about GMOs, this video would be a beneficial source, but one should also look at other resources before completely forming his or her opinion. Personally, I have always been pro-GMO and as a supporter it is important to educate those around me. However, I think there is most likely more research to be done involving GMOs, which can hopefully provide reason to gain more public support. Mr. Lynas is right in that people are nostalgically looking towards old farming practices while the world around them is developing and changing, so why shouldn’t agriculture be allowed to progress into the future as well?