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Is Food Labeling important?

Since more people are been educated about food, the food labeling has been becoming very important in nowadays. Food labeling tells what is been added to the food, what nutritional values it contains, and the number of amounts of ingredients being added. It is a very good tool to show people who want to track their nutrition intake. there are some advantages as following: providing consumers information on food to give their chance to choose their ideal food comparing those similar products; avoiding food hypersensitivity;  helping people eat more healthier which can reduce the cost of healthcare. Everything has two sides,  so there is some disadvantage too: due to some selfish market strategies by showing wrong labeling, it can mislead customers in a wrong direction; so many alternative products means so many food labels need to read, which can be one of the reasons to cause decidophobia. It may make people overwhelmed;  so we need always keep critical in mind to make the right decision for our own health.