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Experience form the Carvel Research Center & Education Center Lecture

The University of Delawares’ Carvel Center first began when in 1941 the John A. Tyndall Farm was purchased for $7,555 and was the beginning of the agricultural experiment station in Sussex County, Delaware.  Over time the center had additions and name changes done to it to keep up changing times and technology. In 2006 the center was named the Elbert N. and Ann V. Carvel Research & Education Center.  Over time the center has gotten many research and extension programs such as Agronomic, vegetable and fruit, Horticulture- commercial and ornamental along with Master Gardeners, Irrigation Management, Nutrient Management, 4-H youth development and so much more. For their research programs, they have variety and breeding trials for crops, pest management, fertility, organic production, irrigation management and precision agriculture. We also have chemigation studies and greenhouse studies that focus on our crops. For poultry research programs the center looks at disease and diagnostics, poultry house emissions and technology, litter management and composting. The Carvel center is serving such a great purpose for Sussex County to keep our crops safe and our poultry