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Guest Lecture: Georgie Cantanza

This was a lecture that I found important for the class as a whole, because it allowed all of us to gain a wealth of information on an industry that not many people know about. Aside from gaining some great tools and information from Georgie to take to the public, I gained personally as well. I gained clarity on some common misconceptions about the poultry industry, as well as confirmations on other details. I know that George is a resource if I ever have further questions, or if I want to simply learn more. Her visit reminded me that the food industry is ever-changing, and that I should be proud to be passionate about such an immense industry, just like Georgie.

I’m looking forward to visiting her farm this weekend and getting to see first hand what an operating chicken farm looks like. I’m still curious to learn more about the differences between conventional and organic poultry farming!